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Been a Minute, Right?

Gobble Gobble? At least in America. This past weekend was also the two biggest shopping extravaganzas of the year - Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Did you get in on the madness? I think I'm still full, stuffing. Why do they call it that? Because we just go ape shit and stuff our faces in honor of conquering the coastline? Anyway, I like food. Especially mashed potatoes with gravy. Brown gravy. My fav. But don't try to feed green beans to Shadow.

1) Like a Moth... - by @byn

Wow! This one here gave me some serious chills. I had to read it a couple times to make sure I was understanding it. Very well written (as usual) and definitely blends a good touch of reality (lost?) with this character's psyche. You all should probably take a few minutes to read this, it may end up being part of something else as @byn likes to blend her stories. Good one hun!

2) The Orchid Blooms - by @bmj

First off, gorgeous flower man! But I will tell you, that is not what made me include this post in here. It was because you gave credit where it was due by honoring your wife and her care for the orchid. I have to respect that. I bet she is proud of her beautiful blossom and even moreover, you are proud that she has nurtured the specimen to a budding natural wonder. Some people have green thumbs, some people have red thumbs. I'd say Mrs. MJ has green thumbs and pink nails to match this flower, LOL! Good on ya Brett.

3) Thursday Treats: Curry~for Colds and Thanksgiving Left-0ver Turkey - by @redheadpei

I was really attracted to this post because it is cold season! And I don't mean winter, HA! All my kids and myself have had some sort of gross ailment to the senses this Autumn already so, coming across this (and maybe @crazybgadventure will agree) made me warm up a little to the weather. Granted, I'm not huge on spicy foods, but this one surely got me opened up to the idea, HA! Ya, bad jokes today, sorry. Great post though Red, keep em coming!

4) The Terracotta Lantern Warriors - by @fiftysixnorth

Very interesting photos here man. I swear, I thought I was looking at some cartoon storyboard for the longest time as I wasn't reading the post, but looking at the pictures. I was like, what the heck? How did he get pictures like that? After finding out the material and what they actually were, it made me appreciate them all the more. Cam you imagine how long it would take to do that whole area? You know there were a few mishaps and 're-do's' while Xia Nan was constructing this massive beautiful art display. Great captures bud!

5) Children Don't Listen to Us; They Observe Us 💖💖 - by @nainaztengra

Normally, I wouldn't put a post with such a high payout in here, because it obviously wasn't missed by certain eyes. BUT - I have to because of the content. Being a parent myself, I got wrapped up in this one pretty quick and the knowledge here is very useful. One thing I actually noticed myself as a young parent, was that I was being mimiced. That whole monkey-see, monkey-do thing is no joke. Took a bit for me to adjust my life and become a decent role model. Good stuff sweets, I hope someone can use the info here.

6) Sublime Sunday - Chasing Waterfalls - by @dabeckster

Holy cows you have some fantastic shots in here! The one I chose to display was picked because of the little story behind it. I find it rather majestic, in a sense, though it's but a small one yet, that this waterfall has emerged. Nature always finds a way to surprise us and carve its own path. Excellent photos, I hope to see how that noob there progresses in the future!

7) Fragile Peace - by @hazem91

Everybody knows I love a good poem from time to time. Change does creep up on us sometimes and that subtle, fragile peace, is often ignored by the bliss of everyday life. I love that picture too! Looks like you all were having a totally fun filled day! Almost want to grab a snowboard and drop down on those dunes. How far of a drop was that anyway? Good stuff Hazem, glad to see a smile out there!

So There They Are!

All of you need to give yourselves a pat on the back because you all kick ass! I do hope everyone has a FAMtastic day/morning/evening ahead of them. Swing by some of our other allies' posts and if you find some good ones, you have our expressed permission to drop their links in the comments down there below. If you haven't already, I ask now, that you give those ones up there above some needed lovins. Here's to another great week so far everyone, STeeM oN my peoples, and remember to BE YOU!

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Haha the drop wasn't as high as it looks lol
Thx for the highlight. (What's wrong with this @guard ?)

No prob bud. Did ya have to empty your shoes with sand? LOL!

As for @mack-bot and @guard, idk what their deal is. Same as I always do, right here on Steemit with allied posts. Unless Steemit is the phishing site?

lol yeah maybe. We do call ourselves minnows :D

Bwahahahaha good one man🤣🤣🤣😂

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Such a good selection...can't stop reading, get me covered in Barbarella so, I continue. Rocking content! All you guys made me forget frowning on the fat icicles outside!

Excellent! Def some feel goods up there and thanks for supporting the fam sweetness. 🤗😘🤗

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The pleasure is mutual :-)

Thanks for the post share love @thealliance :) x

All day my man. Love your consistency and dedication to the chain.

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WHAT!!!????? All the links are steem approved??? Please rescind your flags. Steemconnect, steemauto and Steemit are the only actual links in this post.

Thank you so much for the feature! I'm glad you liked my story and "got" it! A few people missed it completely!

You chose some GREAT posts here! I enjoyed them thoroughly!

Glad you checked em out sweets! Ya, you just may have a mind as twisted as my own😋😈

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Great posts I will visit. Thanks for the mention, Captain. 😊

Sure thing hun, keep all that fabulous material coming!

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Well thank you! Hope you take the time to visit some of those fantastic creators mentioned up there😎

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Looks like a good bunch of posts! Will have to check them out later. Doing my post listings right now on PYPT!

PYPT rocks. We're total pimps😋😎

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