Family Time! (sorry my power went out!)

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What's That?

Big kudos to @sol25 for brainstorming with me on this. She is the unspoken head of our Latino community and I value her insight. One of the things she expressed as a purge was taking place, is that some members don't get the same attention as others. Maybe it's because we don't visit them as often and there is a language barrier sometimes. So, after some good conversation, we came up with the idea of 'Family Time'.

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Ok, Explain That To Us

'Family Time' is a way to help increase engagement with those members of our family that may not be as active as others. We will select 10 active people that are not as prolific in chats or that comment as much or even post as much as some of our more prominent members. It is expected that all of you visit these profiles throughout the week, show them that we are a family, and 'nobody gets left behind'.

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It Is Expected

Yes, that was in bold and italicized. Every person that is in #thealliance now made it through the labyrinth and is effectively supporting the family in one way or another. Whether they are on our voting trail or have delegated to @thealliance or donated funds or a combination of or all of the above - you all deserve and have earned the right to be here. I don't feel it's asking too much to visit a few profiles a day and show them a little extra love. That being said, here are ten of our allies that need some extra lovins this week:

One Big Happy

Once again, good response to last week's post everyone. You've also heard this before and I can't stress it enough, " remember that it is the engagement that makes us great and thrive as a community. Want to know who your family members are? This profile follows **ONLY** our members and their support accounts." That has been touted for quite some time and will always remain true. Have a good weekend fam, and see you at the pow-wow?

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Very good collaboration. Hope that it works.👍

hey thanks for the shout out. Awareness is the best for SugarSteem. Thanks so much

I love your Family Time post... I get to know the family more and more! Love you all!

I am happy to be at #thealliance, thank you have mention my name here.

On my way to support those 10 now! :D


( I'm vote 100 :) )

El apoyo es importante, todos los miembros son importantes, esta comunidad es muy importante y valiosa en Steemit.

United we more the ever we need to pull together and support each other - we are all real people with real lives and keeping up with so many others and their posts is a struggle.

Find the people who post what you like, and try to do reciprocal comments. utilise these community post to remember members and ensure they are getting at least a few comments.

#thealliance #witness

Look like Ninja.

@tibra - blockchain enthusiast and brilliant scientist

True on both counts. Especially the last one. I never met a mind like his before.