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What most allies have come to recognize as 'Updates and Announcements' has mutated into something wonderful. Sure, there will still be a few updates, but from now on, we can just call them 'notes'. Now that the core has been established and the syndicates are starting to grow, I feel it is more of a duty to uphold our standard as quality curators and creators. Keeping that in mind as you read the rest of this, you'll notice several changes. Please let me know if they are acceptable or you feel like you're missing something once you get to the end.

Honorable Discharge

One of our early members recently moved half way across the world. He is an amazing guy and we love having him as an ally. Fellow allies probably guessed who I'm talking about already, but if you don't know, the man's profile on here is @raphavongal. He has recently moved to Barcelona, Spain, and as he acclimates to the country, he is not able to get on Steemit anywhere near as much as he would like to. He has since, stepped down as a syndicate leader and been removed from the core. The new syndicate leader for our Spanish speaking syndicate to help out is @leyargoz, who has already been assisting @sol25 over there. We thank you! We have also chosen to replace him in the core with a very eager new face to Steemit, miss @nichi. We feel she has the 'gung-ho' attitude and driving motivation that we seek as a family member. She came in to Steemit just as it was getting all schizophrenic on us and powered her way through it, so that speaks volumes. Welcome @nichi!

#thealliance syndicates.png

Alpha Syndicate - Light Artillery

Led by: Major @topkpop & Captain @saffisara

Beta Syndicate - Spansish Ballistics Branch

Led by: Commander @sol25 & Sergeant @leyargoz

Gamma Syndicate - Heavy Infantry

Led by: General @tattoodjay & Colonel @edthecanadian

#thealliance page break.png

The Noted Ones

#thealliance tag is very useful to keep track of allied posts and give credit where credit is due. I'm sure there are some great posts that didn't use our tag, but since this is @thealliance... One of the things an ally has offered to do is translate top allied posts into Spanish! Thank you @maxmilan878! The following six articles have been given to him, and the allies that wrote them will be given full credit and a link to their original post will be contained within. These posts were chosen based on the value they have provided to Steemit users and the platform as a whole. Thank you for writing them!

Translation Nominations

The Steemit Dream @guyfawkes4-20Pimp Your Post @shadowspubWord-of-Mouth Promo #7 @reko
Who Owns The Copyright? @dmcameraMa1neEvent Interviews @ma1neevent๐Ÿš›Autobots,๐Ÿš”ROLL OUT!๐Ÿš™ @enginewitty
This next group of posts are ones that are just enjoyable to read for anyone and should be 'noted'. Just really great quality posts that we here at #thealliance love to see. Please enjoy the ones we have selected here and give them a pat on the back!

Excellent Reads

Elvis my joy @saffisaraHow I proposed @moeknowsThe Unsmiling Dinosaur @lyxng
Life Without Steemit @johleenCrow's Intelligence @vm2904The Goddess @rumplestiltskin
Are Your Savings...? @thedamusBitcoin/Ethereum @vlemonChainBB @buzzbeergeek
In this next section is a selection of posts that are astounding to just look at. Eye candy for the brain's visual delight. It is a group of top-notch pictures and artwork by members using our tag in their post. Hope you gain the same awe struck sensation as our eyes did upon seeing them.

The Visual Arts

Gently Falling @tattoodjaySaturday Sepia @txatxyMy Painting @nichi
Marine Iridescence @oscarpsSunday Purple @saffisaraMy Tiny Garden @ewkaw
Now this particular curation corner is dedicated to those members with highly undervalued posts. Many of them put just as much time, if not more, into their work than most all of the rest of us and these posts below appear to have gotten skimmed right over without a second glance. These are posts from people that support you so please, let's all make them feel more welcome and appreciated as they 'Steem On' with us.

Paltry Posts

Ocho (Spider) @moeknows $ 0.03Bamboleo @donatello $0.62
Mind Reality @starangel $0.34In the Silence @lyxng $0.15
Some Thoughts @nichi $0.06Torcedor de Barras @txatxy $0.05

Top 12 'Trending' #thealliance Authors

Thank you for taking the time to read this everyone. Please let me know if you like this better than the updates down there in the comments. Also, any questions anyone may have about anything, feel free to post those as well.

#thealliance page break.png


Everybody loves seeing this big galoot NOM NOM NOMMING on your posts. With the advent @thealliance's support profile, he has now been given training instructions to become a curator. If you would like to follow his trail and earn curation rewards by following him around, tap the pretty gif! NOM NOM NOM!!!


Making sure we're all on the same page! Remember...

just keep swimming...just keep swimming...

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Just keep swimming... lol!

Thanks for the opportunity guys! I'll work on those amazing posts!

Can't wait to see them all! Drop the links here so we can resteem them!

I like the changes and thanks fr the spotlight as well as spotlighting other pieces I have missed. I think it is a great benefit of the alliance.

Excellent, and you're most welcome.

I love the progress and everything about the alliance and what it does for people.
And how it changes people like it changed me๐Ÿ˜Š blessed to be a part of this amazing family! Thank you for the sweet "lights"
Honored to be one of the amazing posts mentioned here... Lol

Right on Captain!

Thank you very much for being as you are, greetings to all @thealliance

Greetings to you!

Awesome guys, thanks for including my post!

Great one!

What, no tip!

Just got a couple of the undervalued posts. Going to send @tyedyefirepower tomorrow when the vp has recharged some.

sent some love to all the undervalued posts! pew pew ๐Ÿ”ซ

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Awesome! We are really growing :)