Enough Screwing Around....

I'm going to do what I was told not to do by my Steemit mentor, whom I will not name here, and do nothing but post those cold, dark truths that all of humanity seems to fear. Who cares about Crypto, anyway? It is literally the currency of the one-world, communist, AI driven dictatorship that is come. Just by using this platform, we are giving those who control everything from behind the scenes the consent to have us microchipped, monitored 24/7, and have any remaining "rights" dissolved. Know what? I am fine with it. It is what humanity deserves for centuries of suckling off the elite teet. If you own your own land and produce your own resources, without the use of money, then you are exempt. For the rest of us....?

We should probably expect this to happen....

  1. A second "shutdown" that will finish what the first shutdown started, destroy the economy.

  2. A continuation of man-made "natural" disasters, which will continue to force the population to migrate into the predetermined FEMA cities.

  3. The full disabling of the global power grid. This has already started in California. Everything that starts in California tends to spread outward. Just because it isn't happening where you live now, doesn't mean it won't happen.

  4. These events will lead to citizens having a total dependency of "Big Brother". This will lead to you being outfitted with RFID microchips and given a certain amount of digital currency each month.

  5. In order to receive this "gift" of currency, you will have to prove that you have been vaccinated. Don't make me tell you what is in the vaccines. I did, after all, spend some considerable time with the man who helped develop the components of the vaccines and RFID technology. There was a reason he quit a job that paid a quarter million a year.

  6. You will be given a small apt and will be forbidden to travel. You will remain there until you die. These parameters will be in place until 90% of us are gone.

It is called, Agenda 21 (see also, Agenda 2030), and you should probably look into it instead of stroking your ego cock on this platform. There is certainly a lot more to it than what I shared with this post but, I doubt any of you will consider that anything I said might be true. Which is fine by me. If I was around in 2030 and noticed 90% of humans were gone?

I would be fine with it.

The reasons why will be discussed in future posts.

Try to have a nice day.

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