Termite World Wide Jam #24 /// Riggsyfort off the top #4

in #thecut4 years ago

Finally got to get in on a @termitemusic jam after appreciating his beats for awhile now. Thank you good sir for the canvas. Decided to go off the top as the pianos notes and flow were calling for it. Peace!


Rippin from the undertow! You still got it Riggsyfort!

Let's make some new hot Roey Sandecafort Shiiittttttt!

dude I'm down!

Dude, I've said it before, but you are a beast at freestyling... Legit... That's nuts dude, how you can keep that shit going and actually make sense the entire fucking time... Most freestylers can keep the flow going, but not actually make sense the ENTIRE time. Fucking dope my dude!

Thanks for always peepin my stuff man and the support. I used to be able to spit a lot quicker and generate ideas back to back so it's good to get the practice back in and try to improve.

Yes bruv!!!!!!!!! This is sick!!!!! lovin the imagary of that oldskool jazz lounge !! haha!!! You got skills on the flow man!!!!!!!! Thanks for the kind words ...a canvas needs paint to be complete!!! Respect!!!!!!!!!

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