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Today I work up so early at 3:00pm because the activity I needed to do was better to be done very early in the morning and yet the place where I was supposed to do my activity was far from home.

Finding transport means is not easy where I come from so in case one wants something done so early they have got to wake up early so as to catch the earliest taxi that comes around.

So I woke up at 3:00pm , said my prayers , organized my self and by 5:00am I was on my way on the road and got a taxi to where I was going. This was a one hours drive so I reached at 6:00am.

In this kind of business the material to be used are supposed to be prepared the evening before the next day. These materials include the wheet flour, backing powder, chachoal stove and the chachoal to be used in the stove, the dishes , the frying pan and many others so that you don't have to look for everything in the morning which can be time consuming. As we can be rushing to get the early morning customers.

On addition to that I also had to mix the floor with water and backing powder including salt to make sumbusa papers. Sumbusa is the snack I was making and this snack contains boiled pease which have been mixed with onions. So we make the sumbusa papers in evening a day before the real activity which papers just contain in them a mixture of water, wheet flour,salt and backing powder. We also boil the pease with onions,water and salt in the evening before the next day of the real activity. So that we doing miss out on the customers that will becoming early in the morning.

Those are the sumbusa snacks I am talking about the my own Images.

So on the next day I was sealing and frying the sumbusa snacks from 6:00am to 10:00am .first of I began by cleaning up the area I was working in, then set up the table where I was working from and selling my snacks from, then I also lite the chachoal stove to make sure I had fire.

This is also my own image showing the frying pan and cooking oil on the chachoal stove.

These are my own Images showing how table was arranged , it includes pease in the source pan, the sumbusa papers on the try.

As it was lighting I was also sealing the sumbusa snacks. The materials used for sealing is wheet flour mixed with water to make it cover the pease in the sumbusa paper. So that the pease don't fall in the oil or the snacks may be too oily for my customers yet they don't like a lot of oil.



When the chachoal stove cought fire I put on it the dry frying pan and poured enough oil in the frying pan then waited for the cooking oil to boil. So once it boiled I put in the oil the sealed sumbusas and it was so amazing that once to they got ready people bought immidiatily.

It was a joyful time as I fried them happily while greating customer . I was also selling to them as I was appreciating them for buying as a way of caring for customers and the most important thing was that customers where buying.

After the activity of sumbusa snack I had to count the money that I received the subtracted the money for buying materials the next day and the rest become the profit.

The challenges I meet in this activity was that the whole process of coming up with a complete snacke takes a lot of time, you sleep thinking about the business and what time you will wake up to do the business because if you don't make it early in the morning your products may not be sold since people buy as they are going for work, some buy it for breakfast and they prefer something very hot for breakfast.

It is also challenging because you can't do something else before you finish the activity so there is no multiple tasking or else everything will be burnt on fire hence causing loses .

It also has very little profits however you can benefit when you have fried many and all have. Been bought. So when the snacks are not bought you can make loses. Which is not the aim of the person selling them.
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Great business activity started up. I enjoy samosas but I have never prepared them.

Thanks for enlightening us about the various steps involved in preparing them. These are a great snack that are very good for breakfast.

I believe customers showed up and you managed to make some good sales in the process.

Thanks for taking part in #thediarygame.
I wish you all the best.

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