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Hallo to all steemitians.
I have been waiting for such a time like this to tell you about a weding I have been following on zoom. Well we have been holding meetings for this wedding since last year and it was supposed to be done earlier this year but due to the lockdown we have experienced this year, the wedding has been always postponed.

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This is the best man on the right signing the marriage certificate, the grooom in the middle and the bride on the left. I am in the corner watching on zoom.

However it was done on the 10th of this month of october 2020. I had never known that I could ever experince such a wedding in all my life but any way it took me by suprise.

We have been coordinating with the organizing commeetee about how the wedding should be cordinated since there are limitations to the number of people that should attend the wedding.

It so happens that there have been stricked laws in uganda about how many people should attend the wedding, what time it should end and bprotective measures aginst covid 19.

We even had tight security that watches how the wedding is beeing conducted. Howvit happened that some of us did not attend the wedding was that inlaws where so many who wanted to attand some of us were sucrificing for other to atend so to avoid complaints such as we where where sent a way from our brothers weding.
[My own image]
The bride and groom showing thier marriage certificate and the metron on the left puting on red.

[My own image]
The bride and the groom beeing take to the table to sighn the wedding cirtifcate.

The number that was required at the venue was strictly 50 people and if you were not given a card you would not go through the gate to be at the function. So because our family members where so many and also the grooms members where so many, some family mambers and friends where cut off but where invited to watch the wedind on zoom.

We were only requires to have mbs and having the zoom app on the phone so that when the weding starts we would be live on zoom. This was well organized though We had to go through some challenges like net work isues, sound was not clear at time but any way we did not incur some transport costs since we had to be at the venue from home.

On this day, we had to wake up so early to organise the House and be ready by 11:00 am for the churches ceremony on zoom then after proceed with the reception. On this plate for people would make noise as ululate as the ceremony was inducted.

I took some screen shorts while watching. It was such a joyful time watching a wedding of my own beloved while I was not there i thank God it moved on smoothly.

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