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Apparentily I have come to realize that today there is no excuse for not doing agriculture. People give so many excuses such as I am in a rental house, I don't have a garden, I don't have a big compound I don't know how to dig, I grew up from a place where they don't do farming and so many others. Well to me I only have a big compound at home and I never wanted any space to be wasted hence this is an activity I did today.

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This is me holding a how to dig with joy because I like what I do.

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This is me diging

Here I am trying to tell you that there are so many ways one can do farming forexample you can get good soil and put it in a broken bensin the one that you no longer use and also buy seedlings of vegetables then plant them there if you have no garden or big compound.

Today most people buy vegetables in the market and can't plant any vegetables in their homes. They buy them and put them in refrigerateurs so in case they feel like eating them they will pick up some to cook and eat.

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These are some of the health plants that I have with some manure of grass.

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This is me going to dig the ground.

Most children in town when they are asked where people get vegetables from they only say we get them from the refrigerateur because they grew up seeing things being got from there. However it's better to also show them some farming skills so that they get to Know the root of where things they eat come from.

This can save some of our finances from being wasted in the market to buy some things like tomatoes, onions, greens and so on. In stead of buying them in the market , we can actually plant them and keep hervesting them from the gurden then we reserve the money for some meat or beef for some of us who are not vegetarians yet we like vegetables.

Sometimes when we fall sick we are told to eat a lot of vegetables to help us gain enough blood, give us proteins and so many things however it is much cheaper if we have planted them and you just hervest then than spending more money on top of the hospital bills so these are so helpful in our lives and also you can sell some to your friends hence increasing income in a home.

Every day I have been doing farming but I had not yet noticed that actually it's an activity that I can post but today as I was going to do my farming I thought about seemit activities. I always go to do this activity at 6:00am but today I was doing it at 4:00pm because of some engagements I was in. These are some of my ways on how I plant vegetables as I explain below:-

When ever I want to plant something , I wait for it to rain so that the ground is a beat soft for me to dig so I first dig then plant my seedlings. The seedlings are bought from the business farms we have a round the country.

After diging I plant my seedlings and wait for them to grow a little beat then I remove the weed from them because the weed can compete for carbodioxide and hance failing my plants from growing then also putting some manure in the soil like cow ding and dry grass add some fertility on the soil for good results.

Some times I visit my plants , sing to them, give them a soft touch, give them names and water them for them to grow health. The way you care for plants is the good growth they will give you. It really matters so much if you want to have healthy plants so you can get good results.

Some times farming can be faced with a challenge of too much rain or too much sunshine. The always need minimal weather.
However when all is well I can really enjoy the fruits of my labour both domestically and business wise.
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First of all greetings from Turkey;

I always respect farmers and people involved in agriculture, if we can easily find the food and food we make, it is thanks to the farmers. I also have a small garden and I grow tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, strawberries and a few more fruits in my garden. It's really happy to see my vegetables grow and harvest time. #onepercent #turkey #tr


I'm looking forward to your next diary. :)

Thank you for appreciating famers.