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Hello all steemit members. Today I carried on an activity at the above shop. I volunteered to help my friend sell her products as she had gone to purchase some more drinks.

I woke up so early at 3:00am said my prayers, read my Bible , organised my self and left for the shop and by 5:30 I was on the road looking for a taxi that would drop me at the shop. It took me 30 minutes to find one but however I managed to get it.

I reached there by 7:30 because it's a one and a half hours jurney but any way I reached safely. This is a shop that so many people come to buy milk and bread in the morning because some restaurants cook tea for their customers and also families prepare milk for breakfast in the morning and also buy bread.
[My own pictures]
Me receiving money from the customer with a thank you word.

[My own pictures]
This me giving milk to the client the one I have already measured using a cap.

This is me tieing the milk in a polythine bag

I sold these two Items first in the morning up to 10:00am then after I started selling some other drinks like soda, water, juice, energy drinks and many more because when it is so hot people want cold drinks to quench thier thirst.

However when it clocks 6:00pm people start again to buy milk and bread for evening tea. Both families and restaurants buy which again makes the shop so busy up to 8: 00pm so by 8:30 pm I left the shop and went home .

I reached home at 9:30 because I used aboda boda that is a motorcycle since it moves firster than a car and it very good in times of jam . The day was a busy one because I didn't have any time to do anything else apart from attending to customers.

The day was so amazing but very tiresome on reaching home I refreshed my self by taking a bath eat supper cooked by my sister as I was watching a business program on Television but after eating my supper I went to sleep because I was tired to rest early and get enough rest. That is how I spent my day.

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This is me


It surely is a busy day! And I got surprised by how long the journey was.

Good to see you here on steemit! see you arround.

Keep safe! :)


Thank you dear

Volunteering is always a great way to help out a friend. And although you might not see the benefits instantly, you'll sure reap it later when you need their help. Eggs are normally sold for 3 for 2 cedis = 0.35usd here. And that footlong bread will go for 5 cedis = 0.93 usd. How much do yours go for?

I also shopkeep for a friend of mine (Maame Grace) when when she needs it. Her shop is right behind my house so I don't mind at all. This something many households in Ghana are into. It's really a great way to earn some income.


You day remain me of what I took for breakfast, milk bread, and eggs. @amastella

How much is a litre of milk in that shop? I like milk and I usually buy it @cheaply (1200ugx) from one of the shops near my home in Nsuube.

Otherwise thanks so much for helping out your friend in selling some items in her shop.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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