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Today I woke up at 3:00am, said my prayers to God, read my Bible up to 6:00am then I took a bath and dressed I spent my day at home but doing deferent activities such as cooking breakfast, cleaning up the house but most of my time I was reading my book talk about valuing time.

I prepared a special breakfast which is our traditional food called "Amukeke and milk''. I had taken long with out taking this kind of breakfast until a friend of mine brought it for me last evening and sleped thinking about waking up early to cook it because it takes a lot of time to cook it.

Amukeke are sliced dry peaces of potatoes boiled in water and also mixed with pounded g-nutes. It boiled for 2 hours then I pound the mixture and mingle it. After I prepared milk and breakfast was ready.

Mean while as I was preparing breakfast I was also organizing the house so that when breakfast gets ready we take it when the house is clean. So when it got ready I was done cleaning up and breakfast was served and we ate it.

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This is the breakfast I prepared. Amukeke on the plate and milk in the cap all on the dining table.

After having my breakfast I rested a beat for one hour and then started checking out for people's posts on steemit and also put comments on people's posts as I read through all that they had posted for two and half hours.

There after I had lunch cooked by my sister Because it was already lunch time. So then after lunch I started reading my book entitled apply God's kingdom. It was talking about how to value time and how to use it.

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This is me reading the book

For a long I knew time was so important but I didn't know how to apply it to make it more valuable to me I had my note book with me and I noted down a few key areas that really cought my attention and I came to realize I really didn't really value time and I also never used it so well . This made me feel I have been wasting allot of time and I needed to style up in this area.

The key points were:-
In order form value time I should list down things I need to do the next day the proitize them so that I can start with the most important and end with the list important.

He further went on to say that if you sleep with out a list of programs you have to do the next day you will not see the reason why you should wake up so early.

The book also goes on to notify me that protizing what am going to do will help not to just follow any program any how because I will be desciplined to do what is on list to a void wasting time.

I was also notified on why some people have been successfully than others because of the way they use their time yet we all have 24 hours. There are so many things to learn about this book however I have give you a few hints . This book has really opened my eyes about so many things and has added some value I my life I don't think I can afford to wast time know because now I know my priories.

Any way my point here is that it is really good to read books because some people who have written these books know more than us and are more experienced than us so for us to learn from them we have to read what they have written.
This how I spent my day.

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