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In the month of March. 18th. 2020, all our schools in Uganda were closed. However I had just got a job there as the secretary of Muzza high school Kabembe in Mukono district which was still a new school because we had just opened it.

I got the job in January 2020 mean while we were in the Hussle of advertising our school, telling parents here and there to bring their children and few students had started enrolling.
We did not have candidate classes because we had just started the school and we only wanted candidates who are brought up by us from the lower classes but any way school had to close out to the break out of the pendamic of covid 19. So we all went home.

The school had some activities that were done such as school in orguration or school opening, sports day activity, some tests had already been done. The parents visited the school and some important people like the king of Buganda, some Reverands, Community leaders, Bishops and many more.

However the Arch Bishop postponed his day till the 19th of August 2020. So to day he came to the school to fulfill his promise as per that date. I was informed a week before to prepare for his coming so I had to wake up very early at 3:00am to pray for my day and read a few scriptures then I prepared my self to go to the school so that I welcome him to bless the school .

I had to leave home by 5:30am so that I reach at 6:30am and indeed I reached on time. So when I read I had to also supervise estimate workers to Clean up the school so that when the Arch Bishop comes by 12:00am everything would be set.

I also had to coordinate with the kitchen leader to see to it that food, water and other drinks were aveilable for the quest and also to make sure that there are snaitizers, water and soap at the gate. I would not eat any thing before finishing these tasks.

The books for signing in were at the gate and at the head mistress' office so that when guest comes there will be books to sign in after all these activities had happened I took some breakfast first and after I waited for the guest to arrive .

[This is my own image]
This me waiting for the quest at the reception.

This some how put me on tenssion as I was waiting for the head mistress to come first before the Arch Bishop but then he arrived first before the head mistress so I welcomed him and ashered her in to the headmistress's office we talked for some time and later the director and his friend came in and we took some pictures.

[My own image]
This me with the director of the school in the center and his friend on the side. The Arch Bishop was signing the book in the head mistress' off she was seated opposite thought she wasn't captured in the picture.

Later on the head mistress arrived and they talked with the guest as I brought for them water to drink. The Arch Bishop signed in the book as some pictures where also taken .

After the guest ,the head mistress, the director of the school and his friend moved arround the school to see some buildings and the environment of the school there afterwards we had lunch . The guest left at 3:00pm and the rest of the people but I had also remain behind to make sure everyone is left organised and I also left at 5:00pm . That was how my day was spent.

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Glad the bishop finally fulfilled his promise of visiting the school, regardless of the covid-19 lock-down challenges. You are a very good time manager seeing that you got there right on time.

Did you leave someone at your shop business to help you out in the selling of your shop items inorder to balance up with your attendance to this school duty.

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Someone stood in for me

Turkey also currently all the school holiday period. Normally, schools were decided to open on August 31, but due to the increase in coronavirus cases, the opening date of the schools was postponed to September 21. When will schools open in Uganda and what is the daily number of new coronavirus? :) #onepercent #turkey #tr

Currently in India also all the schools are closed moreover the country of ours is also going through a lockdown and yes i must say you are a very hardworking lady mam you manage both your school and online work together that is amazing . And do you have any idea of when are schools going to open ? Have a great day ahead mam!

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