The Diary Game #1 | 17.06.2020 | I ate a lot of mangoes from my own garden!

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This is my first post in The Diary game I hope to post every day from now This is my day 1 post so let's start.

I went for a walk in my garden today and suddenly I saw that you are holding a lot of mangoes in a mango tree. All of them were not good but we could say that there were four of them from my number two again,

so the other two were sweet. The ones I picked up were very sweet and had a full yellow color. It was a lot of fun. It was a very nice song. It was a lot of fun to eat. There are a lot of vitamins like me. Now you have vitamin A. Vitamin B.

Hopefully due to a virus that is currently down due to a lockdown but mangoes are not available in the market because they cannot be imported from one place to another so there are gardens and only they can eat like I have a mango tree in my garden so hopefully everything When it is calm, mangoes will be available in the market again.

Please let me know if you are enjoying mango or if it is available in your area. Thank you!

No more for today!

Thanks for reading!

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