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Hello steemians, how are you all? I really hope that you all are doing really Great, this is my 127th diary entry let's start and talk about my today's activities.

Today I wake up at 5 in the morning. After awakening I called my friend and woke him up too. Because we go for a run every morning in the morning. I got up from bed and went straight to washroom. There I washed my face and brushed my teeth. After that I went to the kitchen. There I drank 1 glass of lukewarm water. After that I put on shoes and I kept my phone in my pocket and got out of the house. I found my friend on the way. He too started going for a run with me.

After some time we reached the national highway. After reaching there, we warmed up for a while. After that I ran 1600 meters. I ran 1600 meters in 5:40 minutes. After running, I did some exercises. After that I started going to my house. After some time I reached my house. After coming home, I went to take a bath. After some time I came out of the shower. When I came out after taking bath, my mother gave me tea. I drank it.

This photo is from when I was taking my parcel from the courier boy. Actually, I ordered some products from So that product has come to me.

Then I got a call from Courier Boy. Actually I placed an order from Flipkart. order was with the courier boy who wanted to deliver me. I called him outside my house and took my parcel from him. After that I opened my parcel which was exactly the same as what I saw on the online website. After that I had breakfast. Then I started getting ready to go to coaching. Sometime later went to his coaching. I studied in coaching for about 3 hours. Then at 12:00 I got free from there and started leaving for my house. After some time, reached his home. I had lunch after coming home. After that my mom asked her to come to withdraw money from ATM.

This photo is of an Atm near HDFC Bank. I withdrawal a few rupees from here.

So I picked up my bike and went to the ATM machine from it. When I went there, I saw that some people were waiting to withdraw money. After waiting for about 5 minutes, I also withdraw money. After withdrawing the money I left for my house. Then I went to my room and lay down. I removed my phone from charging and started using it.

Screenshot from You tube, I am watching news on YouTube

I took out YouTube in my phone and started watching news in it. This is how my afternoon passed. At around 5:00 in the evening I got out of the house to get milk. It took me about 15 minutes to get milk. After that I went out for a walk with my friends.

petij😋, I ate some fast food with my friend. After that I paid 100INR(1.38USD) to the shopkeeper.

I ate some street foods with friends. At around 8:00 pm I started going back to my house. After coming home, I washed my mouth and after that I had dinner. Then I went to the study table and sat down. I studied for about an hour and after that I went to my bed and lay down.

So that's all my today's activities. And thanks for reading my post.


Thank you

Good Night Steemians, Steem On



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