The Diary Game - Day 08/10/2020

in #thediarygame6 months ago

Hello everyone, i has comeback to steemit after 2 month hardworking.
I am employee TE of Foxconn

To day is a bad day for me
I comeback room at 6:00AM. I want sleep because 12:00 i need go to Bac Ninh improvement report project, but i don't sleep 😴

9h00 AM i had sleeping, wakeup at 11h20. I only sleep 2 hours 😥 . so bad

11h50 i go to bus stop and wait car

1h40PM i going room for report improvement project


5h00Pm reports done. I comeback home and cleaning, preparing 19h00 go to company working.

And now, i have at company. 🤣🤣

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