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Today was an exciting day to start the day with good news once opening the eyes and checking out my phone and seeing that greats news are spreading out about Steem and TRX integration! The first thing was to check out what steemitblog has shared, it was about the challenge to spread the news. I immediately started to think what I can do in order to attract more people back to Steemit. I have an idea of launching Steem Kosovo group. There is nobody from my country, which is located in Balkans, Central Europe, using Steemit and doesn't know about Steem so far. So I was working into this idea of launching a community and teaching them about everything, so they can be part of this community and engage in the blockchain!

Most of my time of today, I have been checking what the communities are and how do they work, since it is a new feature on Steemit after the hard fork. Besides that I made my plans and strategies that how I can contribute to Steemit and Steem, same as I did in 2018.

Today I have made a post about TRX Integration challenge, I missed to create a content and share the great news with my friends and people who follow me on the Social Media.
I have been talking with couple of my friends about how they can earn from Steem an additional TRX, which made me put first step toward creating the community, which I will be telling them to invest and buy steem and trx too!

So here we came in the end of this beautiful day, I decided to write my diary, not using any photos, same as in real diary there is no way how you cannot use photos!