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Hi there steemians,

As usual I started my day with my workout routine at the gym I go to! Controlling the prices of the cryptocurrencies every 10 minutes, because of the great volatility of the market. The most interesting part of the day is the news a friend of mine which we were into Steemit told me about the price of SBD that was increased a lot!
I was interested to research more, I saw the reason from the news of TRX and 1000 days of existence of Steem!

Its Almos 11.40AM and I am still researching a lot on steemit, this is how I came up on "The diarygame" and how people take part on this and explain their day. (#thediarygame)

In the morning a photo in the gym,


Its been more than a month, that I try to keep excircising at least three days per week.
Since the winter came, gym is to cold!

Every two hours of my time, I check my mining rig if everything works normally!
I have 5 GPU's right now mining 24/7, this excited me a lot!


During the evening we had a great dinner with our friends, enjoying the meal!


At the moment it was more than two hours that I have been looking forward what happened on Steem all this time while I was missing!
I bought 200 steem and powered it up!


Still I am excited to be back and look forward to be part of any community.
Thank you!



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