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Every day I usually wake up early. and I always start my habit by getting up early. I woke up at 5:30 and went straight to the bathroom after bathing, not forgetting to take ablution to perform the morning prayer with my wife and my children.


Morning light coffee shop, Sampoiniet city, West Baktiya, North Aceh

At 7:30 in the morning,
As usual, my activities are going to a coffee shop to drink a cup of coffee, in the city of sampoiniet and enjoy a cup of morning coffee, with my friends Zulfadli and Ustadz Fajri. While drinking a cup of coffee we share experiences during the Pandemic (Covid-19) which has not ended in Indonesia, and today I discuss with them about Steemit, BUMDesa, education for school children, work and for people's economic growth, not too long at Warkop morning rays, because this day there are activities in the village of Matang raya Blang sialet, Kecanatan Baktiya Barat, Aceh Utara.



Handover of the rice cutting machine
Desa Matang raya blang sialet, kec. Baktiya barat, Aceh Utara

At 10.30 in the morning, I received a call via smartphone from Zulkhauri, a village assistant for the sub-district of West Baktiya, at 10.30 in the evening I received a short message through the Whatshapp Group coordinated by Zulkarnaini, on Wednesday, August 5 2020, there was an invitation from the mature village head Raya Blang sialet and its agenda are surrounding the offerings and handover of the rice cutting machine which was handed over by the activity implementing team to the head of BUMGDesa "Aneuk Aceh 'in front of the Muspika, the village government, community leaders and residents.


A meal together

After the handover ceremony for the cutting machine in front of the muspika and the community, we who were present today were very relieved and the community was very happy with the rice cutting machine in the village, to add village income, then we were invited by the committee to the hall area, to lunch together.


Village embung and irrigation canals
Cot Laba Village, Kec. Baktiya barat, Aceh Utara

At 2.30 in the afternoon, I received a call from Sulainan via smartphone as Imum mukim buah kecanatan baktiya barat, after receiving a call from Sulaiman via smartphone then I immediately went on a two-wheeled motorcycle, from the village of ripe raya blang sialet, headed to the village of cot Laba away It takes a 20-minute journey to arrive at the construction area, greeted by Imum mukim buah then chats for 30 minutes about the continuation of the village embung and irrigation canals to channel water to the residents of the rice fields.


Mosque area

Cot Laba Village, Kec. Baktiya barat, Aceh Utara

After that we continued our journey to the mosque because it was almost time for the Asr prayers, when we arrived at the mosque we shared stories while in the field waiting for the call to prayer to arrive.


At 9.30pm,
I was working on a task from my istria, because there was a coordination meeting which was criticized with an agenda of reports on nutrition for the village community, which had been recorded in each hamlet. For 30 minutes, I made my wife's report and finally finished and I am very relieved tonight, because everything I did from morning to night had no obstacles, everything was smooth.

Tomorrow I will tell you more. That's all for today.
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Beautiful nature in your places))).

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