The Diary Game (6/30/20): A Continuous Cycle of Constant College Shopping

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Greetings fellow Steemians! Welcome to another episode of The Diary Game by @jmor. I think this will be one of my more shorter entries, but it's always quality over quantity in my books! Let's get started, shall we?

My Day

Did I wake up early today? To be quite honest, I am not sure. I thought I woke up before my alarm went off before drifting back to sleep, but maybe it was just a lucid dream. Anyways, I woke up at 8 (which is crazy early for me, I know) so that my mom and I could shop at Bed, Bath & Beyond when it first opened at 9. I had my classic breakfast a little after 8:30 and quickly threw on some casual clothes before we left.

We arrived at the story a few minutes after 9, but luckily for us, only the manager and other employees were at the store. Unluckily for us, the store didn't have their college display out for its summer sale like it was supposed to, so we had to wander aimlessly around the entire store to find every item on my mom's recommended college dorm must-haves list. In spite of this setback, we managed quite well. We got all of the bed items, in addition to various bathroom and storage items. See for yourself!


After bringing all of the college stuff in, I took a shower right away just to be cautious. At 12:15, I started my cardio-only workout day. I ran around 3 miles total on my elliptical machine. Look at my impressive gains below!


Once I finished my daily workout, I had a turkey sandwich on sourdough break, like usual. I did have a slight problem though, which was of course self-inflicted (I blame Sokka for influencing my behavior and mannerisms). So after I toasted the bread and put on the turkey, I lifted the plate, and right before my eyes, my sandwich flew across the counter and onto the ground. Oh the humanity! Since I have severe food allergies, and my parents and brother routinely use it to make their own lunches, I just threw the sandwich out just to be safe and made a second one. Warning: disturbing image of tainted sandwich in garbage below:


At 3:15, I turned on the television to watch my favorite club, Manchester United (MUN), play against Brighton & Hove Albion (BHA), who were the home team. These days, there isn't much of a home crowd advantage anyways with no fans being allowed in stadiums due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

United dominated from the get go and opened the scoring in 16th minute via forward Mason Greenwood's strike into the bottom right corner. Greenwood is only 18 years old (that's my age!), but he already shows great dribbling, the ability to play with both feet equally well (a rare skill in soccer), composure on the ball, and deft finishing.

Man U continued to show their class with another goal in the 29th minute by Portuguese attacking midfield maestro Bruno Fernandes. His shot took a wicked deflection off a Brighton defender and somehow evaded Brighton's goalkeeper Mat Ryan. There was slight controversy with the goal because the ball had went out of play 31 seconds beforehand, but Greenwood controlled the ball anyways and obstructed the view of the assistant (sideline) referee. Since this happened very far back in the attacking sequence, the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) did not review it.

After halftime, Fernandes scored again via a volleyed shot after a beautiful cross from Greenwood on the left. It's also worth mentioning defensive midfielder Nemanja Matić's precise long range pass to Greenwood that started this counterattack. Overall, United put in a virtually immaculate and complete team performance. There were a few nervy moments after they were 3-0 up, but MUN goalkeeper David de Gea bailed his defenders out with some world-class saves. NBC Sports Youtube highlights for anyone interested:

Once the game ended, I hopped onto my laptop and watched ATLA with the gang minus @rasmuffin. We got through episodes 15 to 17, meaning that we only have the last 3 episodes of Season 1 left (the North Pole episodes). After our ATLA session finished, I texted @rasmuffin for a bit. I first updated him on the episodes he needed to catch up on and asked him why he couldn't watch with us today and why he hasn't written a diary post in over a week. He politely explained to me how he had to record and submit a college marching band audition, which consisted of a marching drill and playing the school fight song. Alex wanted me to roast him in this diary post, but I think this picture of him sent to me by his girlfriend suffices ;)


For dinner tonight, my mom made pasta with garlic, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. No picture sadly, but I promise it was good! She also made spinach as the vegetable for tonight.

That is it for today folks, but I will update you on my life and whatever it may have in store tomorrow. Until next time!


Wow you going to college soon. It must be exciting preparing for all those stuff to bring to your new home there. Keep them your diary coming. I've been missing reading some of them. I will find time to read through it all from the second post. Keep steeming! 😊 Oh hi @rasmuffin we looking forward to your diary soon too

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Oh yeah, this is not short as you said, indeed it's detailed with relevance. I love your diary game back with fact and quality photography. Thanks for sharing with us and keep steemon, follow @steemitblog for more contests.

Thank you so much! I'm not the most skilled when it comes to pictures, but I always try to include ones that are most relevant to my day. I also have to give a shout out to Sophia for the picture of @rasmuffin.

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