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RE: THE DIARY GAME: 2020/09/24 : A day with bugs and problems.

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Wow,I read your diary for the first time, but trust me I loved it. I enjoyed a lot, reading it and laughing in between. You are very expressive, have to say this. I can understand you completly because my brother is a software engineer and Sometimes he fixes his problem in a dream and sometimes after coming from the bathroom, he fixes his problem.😜😜
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Thank you for visiting here to read my diary post. I am not a good writer. Anyway thanks again .You know, i also fixed some problems after going to the bathroom.i don't know how to explain that. It's a miracle.. 🤣😂 not always but many times i was success.. dream thing not happened to me yet..😂.
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There are many miraculous things about my brother. He is the only engineer in my family.He sleeps like a robot too.For example, if the network is slowed down and it is taking time to download, then My brother gets up sleeping as soon as it is downloading.Means we take an hour to sleep and my brother wakes up by then 😂😂

looks like you have so many stories. 😂😂.. it's crazy 😜.. thanks for sharing it in here.. i am still laughing.. 😂