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Hi friends,

I hope you all are doing well. we all are facing a difficult time with this corona pandemic situation. A lot of people lost their jobs, money, and business. This virus turned the world upside down. Ok, I am not going to speak about that here. I am going to tell you now about my day.

Comparing with the last few days, today also everything happened to me in the same way. Nothing special. The only difference was, today I went to work without my friend. He was on leave today. I was going to apply for a holiday, but I had some unfinished work and my team wanted me to finish it today. Because of that reason, I decided to go to work.

Today I woke up at 7.00 Am. After getting ready I left the sharehouse at 8.00 am. While going to the station I met a Bangladesh friend who lives with me at the same share house. I had a little chat with him.

I was happy today because today is Friday. Friday is the most favorite day for me every week. When the week starts, I wait until Friday comes. Another happiest thing is today onwards, I have a 4-day holiday. Monday and Tuesday are national holidays in Japan. I am also thinking to apply for another holiday on Wednesday, using my summer vacation holiday. I already have two summer vacation holidays and I wanted to apply them before the end of this month. If I applied it, I am going to have 5-day holidays from today onwards.


In the morning. While going to the office.

I left the office at 5.30 pm and then I went in a hurry to the station to catch the 5.59 pm train and I was able to go to the station at 5.57 pm.

image.pngOn the way to the station.

After getting on to the train I sent a message to my friend and told him to get ready and come to the supermarket 12 minutes. Because tomorrow is our cooking day, for that we had to buy vegetables, meats, and other stuff. The train reached the station at 6.12 pm. Then I went to the 100-yen shop. (I wanted to tell you something about this 100-yen shop. 100-yen shops are the most famous shops in Japan. You can buy a lot of valuable stuff from this 100-yen shop. Everything in the store costs 100 yen per item.) I went there to buy a lunch box for me because the previous one was broken today. A few minutes later my friend also came to the shop and then we together went to the supermarket. We spent at the supermarket around one hour. We came back to the share house at around 7.45 pm. I was very tired. After having a shower and the dinner I had a call with my mother and then went to sleep.

That’s all for the day. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks. #thediarygame #srilanka #japan #steemexclusive #the1000daysofsteem .


I have a 4-day holiday. Monday and Tuesday are national holidays in Japan.

Sounds cool .. you can pay more attention to steemit then..
#srilanka #oneprecent

Yes i am thinking to do it and i want to participate on weekly food contest.
#oneprecent #srilanka

Then I went to the 100-yen shop.

Wish I could go to this shop ... I won't come out if I start shopping in that shop! LOL

#onepercent #srilanka

Yes. exactly, you won't come out. I also spend a lot of time when i go to this shop.

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