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Hi friends,

As usual today also I am going to update my daily diary. Today was the first day of my long vacation though today I had to wake up early because today was my cooking day. After waking up I had a shower and my breakfast with tea and two pieces of bread. When it finished, I went to the kitchen with my friend and we started to prepare our food. Today kitchen was very crowded. A lot of people came to cook. Some of them told they wanted to know the cooking way of the Sri Lankan food. So, we prepared our food while teaching them. They had so many questions. We answered them with great difficulty because some of them didn't understand English and it's very hard to explain using Japanese. Normally we use a lot of extra stuff to cook food. Turmeric powder, chili powder, pepper, and curry powder are some of them. These things are very hard to find in Japan. Two weeks ago, we ordered them online and they were not cheap. So, we use them very carefully when we cook.


When we were cooking at the kitchen


When we were cooking at the kitchen

We spent around 3 hours in the kitchen. Then we came back to our room and we had our lunch. I was very tired. Because of that, I felt sleepy. Then I went my bed and started to sleep. I think I slept for around 2 hours.

In the evening, I watched the dragon's dogma anime series on Netflix. It is a video game but also now it has an anime series. You should watch this also. It is an interesting anime series. This tv series added to Netflix on last week. This series has only 7 episodes. You can watch it easily. I watched it within three hours. While I was watching the movie, I had my evening tea.

Today we planned to go a trip to ‘Lake Biwa’ with my friends. Lake Biwa is the largest transparent and freshwater lake in Japan, situated in the center of Shiga Prefecture with so much to offer biking, fishing, walk trails, boating, camping etc. So I hope to visit that place on tomorrow with my buddies.


Source Lake Biwa Valley.

After having my dinner, I had a call with my mother and then went to sleep.

That’s all for the day. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks. #thediarygame #srilanka #japan #steemexclusive #the1000daysofsteem .


You got interesting fellows in your shared house. I should visit there sometimes. 😝😝
#onepercent #srilanka

Yeah. we are waiting... 😎

we started to prepare our food.

What foods you guys prepared? I can see a curry in the photo. Did they cook well?

we prepared potato curry, chicken curry, dhal curry, and pumpkin curry. They didn't cook. they helped us.


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