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Hi dear friends,

How are you? I hope you all are doing well. So today is Monday. Normally I don’t like Mondays. But this Monday there was nothing to hate because today was a holiday for me. I woke up around 8.00 am. after yesterday's trip I was a little bit feeling tired and there was some pain on my legs.

Last night on my way back to the home we went to buy some food for dinner, that time I bought some chicken and bread. In the morning I was thinking to create chicken curry but, when I went to the kitchen there were a lot of people were staying there and preparing their breakfast meal. So, I turned around and came to my room.

I was very hungry. Normally I don’t like to eat bread without any spicy thing. Anyway, today I had to do it. I searched inside the fridge and found some sausages and cheese. I was lucky. Then I had my breakfast with bread, cheese, sausages, and tea. After finishing it I started to watch the Travelers tv series. In the beginning, it was nice but a few hours later I felt sleepy. Then I slept for another hour.


While watching the Travelers tv series

At 1.00 pm my friend called me and told me that rice was ready, and we can have our lunch now. So, I warmed up some food and went to his room to have the lunch.

In the evening I started to write some of my missing diaries. There were two diaries I had to finish. I was able to finish it in about two hours. Then I had my evening tea with two pieces of bread. That was my favorite part of my day.


Cheese, bread and tea(in the evening).

At night I tried to practice some Japanese grammar that I learned from previous Japanese classes. When it finished, I had my dinner and then logged into zoom to participate in my Japanese class. Late-night I called my mother and had a little chat with her for a few minutes. Then I went to sleep at 1.00 am.

That’s all for the day. Thanks for reading. #thediarygame #srilanka #japan #steemexclusive #the1000daysofsteem .


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Hola como estas, que lastima que no pudistes hacer el pollo a la curry porque la cocina estaba muy llena de personas y yo que quería verlo.

Que bueno que tu amigo te día algo de almuerzo, lo que mas me gusto fue el t´e con pan los té son muy relajante.

Espero pases feliz día

#onepercent #venezuela #lara

Thank you for come here to read my diary post. There are a lot of people are staying In my share house. I already shared a few photos of my kitchen here you can see it in my other diary posts.
Yes, I like tea a lot.
#onepercent #srilanka

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