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Hi friends,

I hope you all are doing well with your life. So today also I am going to update my diary. Today I am a little bit sad because today is the end of the day of my long vacation. Tomorrow onwards I must go to work. I think I had a deep sleep last night. I am saying that because I didn't hear today's morning alarm also. Still, I was feeling unwell because my body was still recovering after the day trip to Biwako Valley.

Today I woke up around 9 o clock. Then I went to the kitchen to create chicken curry. I was thinking to create chicken curry but later I changed my thinking. I thought to create chicken dewal. I never created chicken in this way, so I didn't know how to create it. Then I called my mother and told her to tell me the way to create it. then She explained to me the way to do it. Then I went to the kitchen and started to cook. I was lucky today because there was no one in the kitchen like yesterday. Later two guys came to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast meal. Anyway, it didn't bother me a lot because there was enough space left for all of us. I finished creating chicken dewal in about 30 minutes. Then I came back to the room and I took bread and newly made chicken dewal for today's breakfast. In the meantime, I prepared tea and I had it while having my breakfast. So that's all for the morning.


While creating chicken dewal

After that, I started to watch the Traveler tv series. A few hours later my friend called me and told me that rice is ready, and we can have our lunch. So same as yesterday I warmed some foods using my oven and then went to his room to take lunch.

In the evening we went out together. Because we wanted to cut our hair but, unfortunately, today the salon was closed. Then we went to the supermarket to buy some bread for tomorrow's breakfast. When it finished, we also went to the station to recharge our train card because tomorrow we must go to work. We can't do it in the morning because it takes some time to recharge the card.


While going to the salon.

After coming to the sharehouse I started to write my today's diary and yesterday's diary and also, I replied to some of the messages in the Steemit that I forgot to reply during the last few days. I had my dinner at 9.30 pm and then I called my mother and had a chat with her for a few minutes.


My dinner

So, friends, that's all for the day. Thanks for reading. #thediarygame #srilanka #japan #steemexclusive #the1000daysofsteem
Thanks to @besticofinder for guiding me to do this.
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