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Hi friends,

How are you? I hope you all are doing well with your daily life. So now onwards I am going to tell you about my day. Today morning was the same as the last two days. Nothing special. Woke up at 7.00 am and then got ready to go to work. I left my apartment at 8.00 am.

Today I was a bit busy at work because we got new tasks to do. So, we tried to finish it before the end of the day, but the sad news is, we couldn’t finish it before the end of the day because we faced some unexpected problems. We had to spent much more time than we thought, to fix this problem. You know the developer’s life is not easy. If you got one little problem in your developing application, it’s on your head like a headache until you got fixed it.

When I was working for Sri Lanka IT company, I was the only one developer in that team, one day I got a new task to do. The deadline for that task was the next day. So, I tried to finish it before the end of the day. But I couldn’t. There was an exception that occurred in that application. Then I thought at that time “now I will go home, and I will try to finish it tomorrow”. I went to the bus halt and got on to the bus. The conductor came to me and told me to get the ticket. I did those things without any problem. After that, I sat on the sheet and started to think about the problem. That time I didn’t even check my location because that problem was in my head like a bomb. A little bit later I checked my location. Oh, funny thing was that time I realized I came a little bit far away from my bus halt. Then I got up from my seat slowly and rang the bell. The bus stopped at the next bus halt. I got out from the bus and I used another bus to come back to my correct location. This is the programmer’s life. Bug = headache…


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Today I finished my work at 6.00 pm and we left the office a little bit late. When coming back to the station we went to buy some detergent powder to wash our clothes. The previous one was finished and, I went to the 7 eleven shops to recharge my line mobile card. Because my Netflix app payment was expired, and I had to pay it today.image.pngon my way back to the station.

After coming to the share house, I had tea with bread (that was one of my favorite meals of the day). Finally, I had a little chat with my home and started to write my diary. That’s all for the day friends.
That was my day. Thanks for reading.
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Thanks to @besticofinder for guiding me to do this.
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Wow,I read your diary for the first time, but trust me I loved it. I enjoyed a lot, reading it and laughing in between. You are very expressive, have to say this. I can understand you completly because my brother is a software engineer and Sometimes he fixes his problem in a dream and sometimes after coming from the bathroom, he fixes his problem.😜😜
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Thank you for visiting here to read my diary post. I am not a good writer. Anyway thanks again .You know, i also fixed some problems after going to the bathroom.i don't know how to explain that. It's a miracle.. 🤣😂 not always but many times i was success.. dream thing not happened to me yet..😂.
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There are many miraculous things about my brother. He is the only engineer in my family.He sleeps like a robot too.For example, if the network is slowed down and it is taking time to download, then My brother gets up sleeping as soon as it is downloading.Means we take an hour to sleep and my brother wakes up by then 😂😂

looks like you have so many stories. 😂😂.. it's crazy 😜.. thanks for sharing it in here.. i am still laughing.. 😂

I had that kind of experience too but in train, I thought I rode the right train not knowing that I entered the reverse way so I had to transfer back going to my destination. A very unforgettable day. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for coming here to read my diary post... actually it is funny.. it didn't happen for me yet in japan.. i thought only me have this kind of problems.. 😅😅..