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Crested bunting one of the most beautiful bunting found in Asia. Their color contrast Black and copper with crest make them very unique and elegant. They are regular visitors to Margalla Hills, Islamabad. Every year in summer they visit Islamabad. It is an elusive bird as It is very hard to find. Even though because of their unique color they can be spotted from a distance but still as they spend most of their time on the ground forging so hard to see them.





As mostly we do birding in winter as the weather is pleasant and many migratory birds also visit Pakistan. Crested bunting visits Pakistan in very hot weather. Every year I wish to find it but I only succeeded once to spot this bird. So I captured some photographs of this male crested bunting, and still not able to find a female. Hope next year I could see this couple. The problem is that crested bunting does not stay in the same place. They keep changing their place every year. But still, one of my favorite birds to see in the wild.







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