Better Life | The Diary Game Season 3 | Friday 23 April 2021 - witnessed friendship between bull dogs and chickens

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Hello stemians, how are you today? Hopefully all in good and healthy.

in the morning

I woke my wife up to prepare a meal for sahur and we ate together with my child too, I didn't really have an appetite because my stomach was in trouble.

Even so, I insisted that I didn't have more problems when I took the medicine afterward, remembering that the next day I would fast,

After the dawn prayer I asked to be poked with eucalyptus oil because my body was very feverish, this was due to the effect of the stomach, which was like a person catching a cold. And not long after being stabbed I fell asleep.

Several times I woke up, my body felt weak and my head felt dizzy, it was excruciating due to gastric pain.

at noon

My wife woke me up to go to Jum'at prayers, but I couldn't seem to get up and I decided to pray at home.
After praying I rested again and prayed that I would get better as soon as possible. And Alhamdulillah, when I wake up for the Asr prayer, I feel better, and after the Asr prayer my son is ready to go out to bury him as usual.

I actually felt a bit heavy going out, but seeing my son excited about his fast until the afternoon I couldn't bear to see him disappointed.

in the evening

We got on a motorbike and headed to our aunt's house who was still in the village of Uuteunkot as well, after that we turned around and didn't know where to go.

My son was pouting impatiently to come out

In an alley still in the village of uteunkot my son pointed at a dog who was seeming to be close friends with a cow. We stopped and watched for a moment, it turned out that this dog had many friends who then came one by one, where two chickens had joined there first.

"Daddy! it turns out that dogs want to be friends with other animals, yes yes, dogs are the most loyal animals too, I replied,

My son is witnessing the friendship between ox and dog

We took selfies when we left

Not far from that place, on the way we also saw the friendship between seagulls and oxen, I noticed the ox was busy eating grass and the seagull was looking for something nearby, after we approached the seagull flying onto the roof of a chicken coop.

Seeing us, the seagulls moved away from the ox

The seagull is flying

A seagull perches on top of the chicken coop

We continued going aroud and then we arrived at the usual place to buy sugar cane and coconut water and we returned home because it was already late.

My son is buying sugarcane juice

Our usual place to buy young coconut water

When we arrived at the complex we lived in, I was invited to the funeral home that we visited yesterday to break our fast, I was shocked because it should be tomorrow.

It turned out that there was an error because the host was misinformed by the group who wanted to come tomorrow, he thought about it today, so it was very short time to tell friends where some friends had already held events elsewhere, so maybe only half of the people who had registered were present. .

I took photos after breaking the fast

The host or ahlul bait is the first alumni who graduated from Dayah Ulumuddin, After breaking the fast we returned to Dayah ulumuddin to perform magrib prayers at the new mosque in the men's complex.

at night

Arriving at home I immediately looked for stomach medicine that I bought last night, because I still felt nauseous after then and after taking the medicine it also continued, until tonight I did not participate in the tarawih prayer at the mosque,

After returning home, my son asked for pocket money, then after returning from the canteen he asked to go out again on a motorbike, he said he was bored, try to find friends outside, sometimes there are, I suggest nothing, he said, okay but take a photo of dad first, yes, he said . I give my smartphone to take my photo with a piece of paper for verification in a community or steem healtcare, where my son Umar also has to be photographed with the paper.

My child's shots

My child also insists on a photo with a paper and will see the results after posting the photo

Because I also needed to shop for something, finally we went out again, when we returned home I saw my wife was learning to write her game diary, and also occasionally she asked how to make this and that, the game diary had just evaporated a little, I was very sleepy, she said, just finish it first, I asked him, later tonight after tahajud he said, would it still sell well if he posted it tomorrow she asked, that's still I answered, then she went to sleep.

In front of a shop my child noticed a schoolmate playing fireworks

Just about to start writing a diary game for today, from inside my child's room screaming, ayaahhh, sort ..! he asked, and must first finish that routine task. After he fell asleep then calmed down to do something.

If there was me at home at bedtime, Umar would have asked for a massage before he could sleep well

That's my diary game for today, hopefully it will be useful and will be a good memory for me and my family.

thanks for reading
Best regards @longberry


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