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wow! merry Christmas and happy New year in advance it a great privilege to see 2020 Christmas and am praying we will all be alive to see 2021 my day yesterday was great I woke up around 5am this morning to prepare for church my mom and I cook pounded yam and ewedu soup for breakfast in my side if you did not cook pounded yam on Christmas day you have not celebrated Christmas.

at 9 am I am already at the church for service and the service was great and wonderful we sang alot of Christmas song and am happy we finished the service by 10:30.

I have to wait after church service for a drama rehearsal because we have a youth program tonight at our mothers church and my church is presenting.
on my way home I branch at a friend place to wish her merry Christmas and happy New year in advance I got home around 12pm my mom cooked rice and stew for lunch I eat a little then I call some of my family, freinds to wish them merry Christmas.
I stay in the shop for like 2 hours because I promise some people on my way to church that I will attend to them after that I want home to rest because I was going for a night program in church. I woke up by 7pm I just rush to take my bath and I eat small rice because I did not want to take anything heavy again I got to church by 8pm for to the program we were all served indomine

by 1am because the program was to run from 6pm to 4am but we close after 4am and I enjoyed all the prayer and presentation after the program I tracked back home and sleep.
I got home by 4:45am the next day when I got to the gate I called my mom and she opened the door for me.

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