The Diary Game 15: 03/07/20 - The Cameroon Steemit Program

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The Diary Game


The weather was perfect today morning in Teken Quarter Mile 4 Nkwen, Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon. Though i woke up early, i had to catch up with steem updates by posting some blogs that were overdue on our @ecodesigns blog.
My kids did the sweeping and cleaning around the home while i steemed.
I didn't do any house work today because i needed to steem. My breakfast was served at our shop that was opened by my wife. I ate sandwhich bread and had some tea for breakfast.

My wife and i after breakfast talked for over 30 minutes about some new business ventures and then i continued to steem. Some interesting posts you may want to check out are;

The Cameroon Steemit Program:

EcoDesigns strategic meeting report:

I steemed till about 11:30 took a shower and rested. Then a friend called around and bought me a bottle of Skoll beer that 900CFAF (Approx 1.5SBD). I enjoyed the skoll while it rained and at 02:00PM i went to the house and ate some Rice and Tomato Sauce.


i ate a chocolate that had this very beautiful wrapping


A few minutes to 03:00PM, i left with my wife to the office for a meeting with the trainees and trainers of @ecodesigns.

Selfies at the office with training directors after the meeting

After the meeting, i went back to the house with my wife because it was raining. She was working Night duty today and so we had to go back home early so that she can go to work early. She left from home at 05:45PM for work while i stayed home and continued steeming.

The rains caused me to close the shop at 07:00PM to go home and watch news and then watch a movie before i went to bed.


As earlier mentioned, i will also be using these 100 days of the Diary Game to do 100 good things (#GreenDeeds) for people and the planet.
Today is day 11 of my #GreenDeeds campaign and I had a strategic meeting that created a blue print for our textile recycling program, @ecodesigns

  1. #GreenDeed 1: Cleaned-up the street
  2. #GreenDeed 2: Picked-up 30 plastic bottles
  3. #GreenDeed 3: Plastic bottles upcycling.
  4. #GreenDeed 4: Green Poem
  5. GreenDeed 5: Paper Recycling
  6. GreenDeed 6: Desertification and Drought Day Social Networks Awareness Raising Campaign
  7. #GreenDeed 7: Today I wrote an environmental blog on the impact of food, feed and fiber
  8. #GreenDeed 8: Bought 2 grapfted pomegranates to plant 🌱
  9. I shared 25 COVID-19 reusable face masks to my high school classmates
  10. Cleaned the streets of my community
  11. Pledged to recycle at least 50 pounds of textile waste weekly.

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Mr. Green is a member/promoter of;

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Rain rain rain! You danced to the tune when it refuses to give way by vlosing the shop early. You had a nice day doing things and getting a befitting beer from a friend.

I guess your wife is a nurse, because the night stuff is synonymous with health workers. I wish Hu you all the best in your endeavours.

Wow you doing very hard work to keep environment clean and green along with your personal works.

Those are amazing, you managing all things perfectly. Hope you reach your goals. Best of luck my friend.

Have a Nice Day.

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