The Diary Game | 09/19/20 | Day #44 - Saturday Crash

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Nothing went quite "right" today. Morning was somewhere between a train wreck and a tsunami. It wasn't until I went out for a walk with the dog when I realized why I was having all these problems. I realized I was completely worn out and tired from traveling.

Saturday is for recharging the batteries.

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The hardest part about coming home is getting enough rest. Since Saturday is my rest day, I always try to avoid having commitments - but right now my English students all need weekend classes so I will probably be taking a day off during the week to catch up on siestas.

This morning we followed our typical routine of getting up early, reading, studying and praying. The rest of the day was mostly spent helping around the house, reading to my son and resting.

I did receive many sweet and caring messages from people who care wishing me well for the national day of love and friendship. A friend and I even talked about going out - just for a bit. We are both worn out moms. So, we kept dreaming.

Problem is, I didn't get very many pictures. I am having a problem with my cell phone where sometimes it acts like it took the picture, when actually it didn't. So frustrating.

Now it is 8:41 PM, my post from yesterday just went up, and this one I am literally hammering out because I am exhausted. Even being a rest day, it wasn't very restful. Which is why I simply need to finish up this post and go to bed as early as possible. Sorry to be so brief!

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Pobre @openmindedtravel, estas realmente agotada, toda la semana ha sido de mucho movimiento y el viaje a Pereira también fue de mucho andar de aquí para allá. Espero hayas podido dormir y descansar un poco.

Un fuerte abrazo, espero tu mamá, tu pequeño hijo y tu cachorro se encuentren muy bien.