The diary game.||21/02/2021.||A simole day.||

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Hi friend's,
I am @rasel72. From #Bangladesh.

  • 21 January, 2021.
  • Thursday.

My Diary.

Today I had a very good day. Today I wake up at 6:45 in the morning and see the light from outside has fallen on my bed. I am now in the match to study. I have a window in front of my bed in the match room. I got up and went to the washroom. I came from the washroom and checked some notifications of my fan. Then I sat down to read. The final exam of the semester is in front of me so the pressure of reading is much more now.


Reading time
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Then I was getting very sleepy after reading for about 2 hours. So I slept for some time. Then I woke up, brushed my hands and washed my hands and brought my breakfast. This morning in our match we had rice with mashed potatoes and fried eggplant chops. I went to private reading at the time.


Going to college
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My private time was cut short by reading. Then I went to our college when I finished my studies. I went and saw that they had given us a practical examination routine. I took a picture of it. Then I came to the match. After coming to the match I changed my clothes. I washed some of my clothes. Since I was not at home, I had to wash my clothes myself. Then I washed them and shook them on the roof. Then I took a bath.

After finishing the prayers, I went to the match. Then I ate lunch. After eating, I sat down to read for some time. Then after some time I sat down to read at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I went to perform the Asr prayers. After finishing the prayers, I came to the match and went for a walk on the roof.


Taken from the roof
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Sometimes I get up on the roof of the match and walk around. It feels very good to walk around in the afternoon. After some time I came to the room. I came to the room and Amu used messenger on my phone. Then I went to perform Maghrib Azan I sat down. I read till the call of Esha. Then I went to the mosque to perform the prayer of Esha. After finishing the prayers, I sat down to read again.

I ate dinner after reading till 10 pm. After eating, I started writing the post. I have to start the exam in the next month. That's why I seem to be given more time to study. After doing the post, I will sit down to read again.

We should all take our present time very seriously. Every step of the way can be a tool to fulfill our future goals. The importance of the present time is immense to brighten the future life.

Thank you everyone.

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