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With the commencement of the #thediarygame on the 1st of August , a lot of writing activities has began and i am sure that hundreds of entries have been made .

That is why this post will always be written on daily basis so as to high light the activities of the #9jafive team during the course of the #thedairygame challenge.

On that note, where is the breakdown of the #9jafive team activities in the #thediarygame on the fourth of August , 2020 (4/8/2020).

Four team members made their entries and hopefully the last team member will turn up soon

The members who dropped an entry yesterday were;

The last team members who we awaits his first posts for the season two is;

Their posts according to arrangment above are ;

I hope @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 notes this activities of the #9jafive team

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