Be careful! Thief is stealing STEEM and SBD.

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Last week I read a post of how a fellow Steemian got her wallet plundered by a thief. I was so sad and shocked that someone I have been following had all her hard earned money stolen from her wallet. I had previously summarized what had happened from her English language combined with Chinese language post into Thai language for the Thai and Laos communities. It was difficult to follow all the details and links, as I do not know Chinese language.

The unlucky person was @carwomanteresa whose wallet became zero. She found out that @jiganomics was the person who transferred money from her wallet into his wallet. What's more, the thief also transferred money from other people's wallets.


The first things she did: she changed her password at once
Luckily, her friend @national park pointed out that her Active Key in has been changed. This has made it possible for the thief to transfer money from her wallet even though she has changed her password.

She said that changing the 'Authority' back to the rightful owner was very diffucult
Luckily her friend @skenan managed to help her get her 'Authority' back, but this took several hours.

pic 2.png

She tried to review what had happened recently, what she had done while posting

She said she noticed something happened after she had edited her post and was clicking the 'update post' button. There was a message box asking something like a question whether she wanted to post with her 'posting key' or 'master key'.

She thought it was the usual warning message on spam and security.
So, she just clicked OK in the message box! That's how the thief got her password to access her account.

Luckily she was told that her 'Active Key' has been changed. Several people still don't know that their 'Active Keys' have been changed.

I find this very disturbing. The thief can let the account owners believe that their new passwords have prevented the thief from accessing their accounts.
The thief would wait until these people have lots of money in their accounts before coming into their wallets and steal their money again!

Therefore, this lady warns us that whenever there is a message box popping up while you are posting, you should read it carefully before clicking the OK button!

Don't be hasty, do take time to understand what you are clicking or accepting.

If you don't understand the message, then you should not click OK or 'accept' button.

Be safe and take some time to read the message box carefully.

This incident has been a very expensive lesson for those Steemians who have been very trusting and always optimistic. This theft has drawn many fellow Steemians to show support and give help to the unfortunate victim of the crime! This show of sympathy and concrete help has surprised both the victim and fellow Steemians. This really shows us that Steemit community is a truly unique place where we can find so many compassionate people coming together for a just cause.

My gratitude to all Steemians whose generosity, sympathy and compassion have made this world a much happier place.



Thank You, @kaminchan, for sharing this information a few days ago. I already bring it to Steem and they look at it and how to avoid it. It brings new questions and makes the platform better. Really thank you. Wish you a very good 2018 :)

Thank you! So that was the reason for an English version!

Thank you for the warning! What an awful person.

There are so many scammers and thieves around. There is also a raging flagging war going on at the moment!