I'm THEGIDREDPILLER, Popularly Known As The Misogynistic And Bitter One.

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Is this some kind of introduction? Well yes it is.

Is this one of those women redpill and MGTOW shiit? Well yes again!

Am i incel? Now thats just another stupid societal opinion initiated by women to make woke men look mediocre!

You know what they say about destiny?, well while coming up it seemed like i was meant to be fvvcked over and over again by women. But then you have to also remember when people tell you to write your own story because here i am today, although i don't seem to enjoy my current state to be honest.

This is the part where i warn men upfront to never get distracted from me, by me. What is my point exactly? I ALWAYS ANGRY!

Something i'm currently working on by the way, to be very clear with you, this shiit actually got me to a fraction of paranoia! You would literally feel my anger in every word you read from me even though i don't intend for that to happen.

Basically what i'm trying to let you understand is that, you should never pay attention to my rage, pick my messages instead and leave the rest for me!

I have a mission, of course by default, i am basically looking out for every male out there but i have a very very deep core inside of me, and that is to help people pay more attention to the boy child.

Might i add that there is a very rapidly increasing rate of Female Molester - Boy Victim situation in the world right now but of course nobody seems to care since in this case, the molester is the one with the vagiinaa right?

Spare me that bulllshiit of "Women are actually been punished for their crimes"! Its hightime we stopped fooling ourselves, we all know in the real truth and of course with the Effeminized System, biittches never really pay! YOU KNOW!

You want to know why i'm so vain? I'll let you in on it, here you go: I was sexually molested by a way older female at the age of 9, of course it went on and on until i started to enjoy it, you think i was having a good time huh? Or even better placed, i was blessed to have had the coolest lady as an househelp at the time? Well wait to hear the remaining part of the story would you?

Today, i'm obviously old enough to take on the adult shiit and all but mind you, my sex life is completely tinted. For you to better understand what i'm trying to pour out here, i only get off on the idea of forceful penetration, while my mates or even you reading this now wanna watch a random guy fvvcking a random lady in the normal generally acceptable sense, i am busy typing the words "forced" "rapped" on the popular porrnn sites! Have i dated before? Yes, multiple times, have i had sexx before? Yes multiple times, have i ever enjoyed it? NO! Why? Because i have to act like a normal person and of course i loved my exes even though i still got fvvcked over in the end.

Mind you, i'm on the loose, i mix freely with people every single day and i still have the great urge to satisfy my special sexual needs! Incase you are wondering, no, i have never rapped anyone before all my life, but does that change the fact that your daughters, or sisters are safe around me?

Now what do you think of that free sexx i was blessed with at 9?

I have a very vicious monster contained inside of me, compare me to edward in twilight saga, a vampire who would leave very delicious human bloodd and go hunt for animals instead. I know what i need, but my moral strength never gets me to accomplish them, i thank God everyday for that by the way.

If you don't care for your sons, well i'm that stranger who does, which is why i'm currently putting something together for launch on the 13th of december, save the date.

I'm new on this platform alongside others, i am currently on a popular african social platform where i have gathered a considerable amount of followers, not like that matters though.

Consider this my introduction, because i believe thats how you meet with new people for the first time right, i will aggressively address relationship matters of course, its so obvious, but please always remember to filter my messages and leave out my rage, i will keep begging you never to get drifted away by an angry portrayal and then leave the bars that was supposed to be the main intention, you all will have to help me out there.

I am TheGidRedpiller, the bitter, misogynistic one as feminists would always refer me.

This is the part where i warn the females reading this to get ready to hate me, cause i swear they will really need it.

And, for those of you planning on insulting and/or making me feel apologetic with the word "Mother", that birthgiver of mine is the worst thing that has ever happened to me, so don't even try, its a war you already lost even before it began.



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