Mother Earth Silver Coin Giveaway!!

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Silver Coin Mothership Powerup Project

Today I am doing a very special initiative.

I am giving away something that I love, one of my prized private coins. It is a very special silver coin from the Canadian Mint called Mother Earth and it is completely sold out as far as I know and is only increasing in value over time. If you can find them they sell currently for about $200CAN.

The mintage on it is also very, very good.

Only 7000 of these coins were ever made and they are very hard to find. The winner will be drawn by autobot or physical paper tickets on @topkpop’s radio show when the $75 minimum or more is reached.

At @enginewitty's request a $75 minimum has been set for this raffle. If we reach it on this post that's awesome!! If not, we will run this for as many weeks as it takes to reach the $75 minimum.

If more than one week is needed, the winner will be drawn when the total of all weeks reaches $75 or more.

Everyone who votes will be added to the raffle and if you vote on the same coin in week two or week three you will have those additional votes added so your chances of winning are increased! That is to make it very fair for those voting from the very beginning and supporting their generosity and patience.



Half of the SBD will be going to support

the Alliance Mothership project which I am very proud to be a part of. The Alliance is a group dedicated to quality content and genuine interaction and I have definitely found a home there. They can tell if you’re doing your best, as we all can.

In an effort to help increase the power of the Mothership

I will be doing a series of Silver Coin prizes once a week. Future Coins will be offered based on the success of previous posts.

What is this Alliance you speak of???

You can read all about the Alliance here!!

How Do I Win??

Raffle Rules!

When the total post value reaches $75 the winner will be chosen by random draw on @topkpop's Friday evening radio show. We will announce the winner and I will make contact through DM to find out where to send your awesome coin! Thank you all for your understanding. I want to support the Mothership and also not lose my shirt on my coin lol!!

Everyone is welcome to support myself and themothership project But in order to be eligible to win the coin you must:

Follow Me
Upvote at 100% with only one account

I ask you to vote at 100% because it’s one vote, and the playing field is level so everyone has a chance to win.

Your 100% vote must be worth at least 1 cent (0.01$)

Your reputation score must be reasonable and respectable!

While I do not want to limit anyone’s involvement or chance to win, the final winner chosen by the autobot will have their account checked by at least two other Steemians for authenticity. The winner’s account must be genuine, engaging and free of plagiarism.

Good luck to everyone!

I will need a physical address to send the coin to so please be aware of that should you win. If you win and are not able to give an address, yay for me I keep the coin and run the contest again ;)

Love Bug


Hi there @thebugiq — i am in! — support for the Mothership is great! And you have given me some ideas... also, i am now following you as well so i look forward to more well written posts and engaging content.

O yeah, and Damn!!! That is an awesome coin! I’m usually not one for the coloured pieces, but Damn!!!

Good luck with your contest!

Thanks so much @thedamus!! It's a wonderful coin! :D Good luck!!

Welcome to ssg !!!

Upvoted and Followed and resteemed , good luck

Wow that is an amazing coin I am in

@tattoodjay my man, loved your latest bridge brother and the one before. fk I love em all lol

thanks so kind of you

What an amazing thing to do!

I'm at a loss for words. I really just don't know what to say.

Except holy crap I really want that coin it's freaking amazing! After living in the woods for several years this coin really touches my heart.

Also honestly man what a generous thing to do. I really hope this post Does amazing!

Hey @michaeldavid, thanks for joining in! Yah parting is such sweet sorrow, I love that coin and I only have one! :D I hope it goes to a good home lol

i know what you mean. I collect fine minerals.

Hard to let them go sometimes.

Just Wow !!! The coin looks absolutely marvelous . Would definately love to have this as a souvenior from you @thebugiq . Excellent initiative taken. upvoted @100% , followed and resteemed this post. Regards Nainaz.

Hi @nainaztengra thanks so much or joining in and helping out! :D

Wow... That is a beautiful coin 😍

But most of all, thank you for supporting #TheAlliance this is so very awesome of you.

Thanks so much for joining in @bearone! :)

I'm totally in that is a beautiful coin and what you do is amazing 😊 100% upvote and Resteemed. Happy weekend!

Sass!!!! Youve been found!! ❤❤❤

Awww... And by my Awsome birthday sister 🤗 made my whole weekend!! ❤️❤️❤️

awwwwww @saffisara, what can I say, I hope you win!!! LOL

Aww.... You are just the sweetest 🤗 lol
Who ever wins are really lucky!

Holey that is a very generous give away! Wowzers 💯upvote and↪sent around the block again.

Thanks so much @edthecanadian! Really appreciate all your support on many of my posts as well!

Well I will admit that you're on my autovoter trail thingy and I may miss reading some of your stuff.

This is a very generous giveaway on your part! Wow! beanie.gif
And it is so wonderful to see @topkpop's upbeat & positive "All Play Friday" show prompted! 😊

I was already following you, but upvoted check_mark.jpg and resteemed check_mark.jpg

Thanks so much @thekittygirl! Let's get some fuel for the ship! lol

I love this. I can't wait to make an ally of thealliance.

#thealliance is Awesome

I thought you were already #thealliance

Didn't I see your name before?

He's on the edge ;)

Thanks. This is so reassuring.

@emjoe thanks for being here for my first coin launch brother!

Thanks for allowing us to be part of the launch.

This is an amazing giveaway! Upvoted, followed, resteemed, and just wow!

Thank you @mikeshuh! Appreciate it very much.

YEAH! I'm in. Love me some silver, and Mother Earth has always had my heart. This is pretty amazing of you to, Bug. ((hugs))

@katrina-ariel I knew you would love that mother earth coin!! Good luck!!!! :D

I'm in! As long as I haven't depleted my vote to nothing! Cool giveaway!

You good man! LOL Good luck!!

I'm in, great looking coin and thanks for the contest! JB

Thanks @jbcoin! Best of luck in the raffle, it's so gorgeous in real life for sure.

very eumm ... sexy coin
I'd be lucky to have it :D lol

Thanks @hazem91 and good luck to you!

What a amazing coincidence!!! Awesome coin with awesome name and cause. I'm definitely in. Good luck to everyone!!! Upvoted, followed, resteemed happly by @motherearthist.

Hey, awesome name @motherearthist! Good luck!

This is so cool! I have been collecting silver coins for years. They have the regular mint ones here in the US, but, I've collected maple leaves, panda bears, and anything with something different on it.

Thanks so much @thehoneys! Yes, this one is super unique and wonderfully struck! Good luck!!

Upvoted, resteemed and now following.

WOW!! What a very generous prize. Hope you reach your target and thank for supporting the mothership #thealliance

Thanks @welshstacker! Good luck on the raffle and thanks for helping out!

That's a really beautiful coin I love the killer whale on there, done :-)

I know right? How cool there's a whale on there, now we just need on on the vote list haha

It is very generous of you to part with something that you love for a good cause! I think someone once said that you can't have an effect if you don't have a cause, and since this is a good cause I hope it will have a good effect :)

Ah yes I agree with you totally. I love my coins but I love Steemit and the people here so much too.

WOW I love the looks of this coin!

Do you offer these coins to be bought outright ?

Thanks so much, just doing raffles right now to support a few things :)

so i resteemed it, and Voted it too... but my vote is only worth 0.00 :( so im out...

awwww sorry my friend but thank you so much for participating and helping out!

I upvoted, resteemed and followed you. I don't think I'm eligible because my vote isn't worth enough.

Keep following along, there will be more coins coming! Thanks for joining in :)

That is a nice looking coin.
wish you luck.

Thanks @jesse2you! Good luck to you too!!

Upvote, resteemed and followed. Any project to up the quality of content on steem I'm up for.

Thank you @jasonbu! Good luck to you!

i hope its real coin so i can boost my steempower with it

aww bummer but thanks so much for adding your power to the post!! Keep steeming! You'll get there :D

Go Canada Go SILVER
Id did not even look real at first but this coin is very unique!

Yah I know what you mean @tonyendz it looks like a comic book coin but wow is it amazing in person. Thanks so much for being here!!

That’s an incredible coin. Is it like a glass marble in the centre for the globe?

Yah it's amazing and I was wondering the same thing. Knowing the Canadian mint I hope it's some kind of glass but I didn't want to take it out of its case to even put a finger print on it!!

In like flynn

Thanks so much @amvtv!! Good luck to you!!

What an awesome thing to do for thealliance :) I am also in!

Thanks so much @fiftysixnorth! Glad to have you on board. I plan to launch one of these a week to see how it goes. Stay tuned! :D

That's awesome :) glad to be a part of it, I just wish my upvote was worth more ;)

This is really cool!
I hope Im aso eligible to win :)

Yes!! Your vote is good, so just be sure to follow and resteem and you're good for the draw!! :D Thanks so much for helping out and participating!

Yehey! It's very nice to wake up in the morning reading a very good message :)

Upvoted resteemed and here is an added tip!

Hi @thebugiq! You have received 0.1 SBD tip + 0.01 SBD @tipU from @deadgrlsuppastar :)

@deadgrlsuppastar wrote lately about: Mono Chrome Monday A Beautiful Rose Feel free to follow @deadgrlsuppastar if you like it :)

Tipuvote! - upvote any post with with 2.5 x profit :)

This coin is seriously awesome man!

Hey thanks for throwing in!! Hope you have a blast following along. More coins to follow! :D

Wow, that is a very interesting looking coin. I have never seen anything like it before.

Thanks so much @knowledge-seeker, yes the artists involved in the coin are really otherworldly. I'm sure their vision gave the Canadian mint fits trying to figure out how the heck to strike this coin! LOL

Daaaang, what a beautiful coin!! I am SO in.
(crosses fingers & toes)

lol @avesa cross it all!!! Good plan. Thanks for chipping in and good luck!

fair enough for a cool looking coin like this. You have my 0.17 vote for the full 100%
this mother earth coin looks amazing

I am usually not into coins but that one is truly beautiful it is admirable that you are willing to part with it .

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