THE SHOPPING GAME : Date 19/07/2020 : Vegetable Shopping

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So we decided to go shopping. Normally it would not be much of an issue, however our area is still under specific lockdown since its a containment zone owing to Corona Infections. Usually we stay at home however we just wanted to get out so bad that we did.

My husband and i went out to buy some veggies and groceries. Now before we stepped out we made sure we were all geared up. Masks, Sanitizer, Gloves - Check.

Now we got into the car and we started out on our trip to the market.

The date was 19/07/2020 the time was 11.15 AM

So we first reached the market. The store guy made sure we waited outside. They allow limited shoppers in the stores to maintain social distancing. After a 20 min wait our temps were checked an we were allowed in.

We shopped our things, checked out and reached home an hour and half later. We live in India in a state called Haryana in a city called Gurgaon . We went to a shop called Modern Bazaar

modern bazaar.png

Below is what our shopping looks like :

Ripe Papaya - 60

Carrots - 35

Coconut - 50

Spinach Leaves - 40

Raw Mangoes - 30

BabyCorns - 40

Roasted Peanuts - 135

Ash Gourd - 35

1 ltr Milk - 60


The total price for the same comes to Rs.485/- Which is roughly 33 Steems or USD $ 6.5.

Hope you guys like my post :)



I was made to understand by my friends that living in a city like "Gurgaon" is very costly in India. So this particular post got me interested to know at least what is the cost of fruits/vegetables/other essentials there.

I would love to know the quantities of each so as to ascertain my understanding on the "cost of living in Gurgaon", at least a glimpse into it.

To the best spirit of #theshoppinggame, it is always encouraged to quote the quantities.


The posts must include details of each item bought including product, brand, size or quantity and price. Photos will be even better.

Don't take it otherwise, I am not trying to undermine your effort in this game, rather want to encourage you to make this place even better than yesterday and that can happen if we can follow the guidelines and that will also be a positive iteration in this journey.

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Had an Idea, thought i will share.

Would be great if we can have specific goal oriented games. We can also promote it into the wider internet.

Examples :

1- Lose "x" kilos Weight loss in "x" number of days .
2- Learn a new skill in "Y" number of days.
3- Learn a new Language in "Z" number of days.

We can incentive productive human behavior with Upvotes. I think it would be the first of its kind of an initiative of a scale this large. The wider internet will surely notice it. Everyone wants to improve. Every one wants money. Imagine the possibility of doing something that may one day change the world itself !

On a side thought - We can also create a community to post Job Opportunities. With everything now becoming online people can be anywhere and do jobs. We can eat into market shares from etc :)

Opportunities are endless :)

It is impressive how life changes us, even a few small purchases are now a complex event.
Good shopping

Haha ! Yes True that ! How life changes :)

Hello @sajannair
Hope you are doing well.
Take care of yourself and everyone in the house I am getting through the news each day and I can see that the cases of covid is increase at a large number.
Even I am from india and it is good to see that full utilization of summer is going on with raw mangoes these days. Even when I go for shopping I make sure that mangoes should not be missed😂.
Happy shoppinggame😊

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