Cuddle Weather Review

I took a leaf out of @trincowski's note and now, I am watching a movie during my day off.

This is not my default activity but somehow, a part of me missed watching Filipino Movies. If you ask me, I rarely patronize them because: I am too busy, the plot is just too boring and redundant that over the years, I nearly gave up watching Filipino Movies. Its a good thing that there are still a lot of talented artists who can produce comedy and horror series- and that's where I concentrated my consumption!Did I tell you guys that the "chick-lit" variety also improved?

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Here is the trailer that sparked my interest:

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The plot started with "Adela" at work with a host of different clients and variety of names. She "met" a novice call boy "Ram" who kept pestering her to teach her the trade and ended up living with her.

What I love about Adela is her professional tips:

Change your name often

Which is really reasonable to me. What would happen if someday Adela goes into a legitimate job interview- say, a kindergarten teacher and ended up meeting his previous client?

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There is no fixed price- everything is negotiable

Fair enough.

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Set a deadline.

So far, the best tip that Adela gave was to set a deadline. That her work is not forever.

Although a part of me wanted to summarize the whole movie. If I wanted you to watch it, I need to keep it a secret........

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What I really love about the movie was that, it did not just show what sex workers do at work. It also shows what they go through in their lives. In Adele's case, her struggle to change her name and move on with her life. It also showed Adele's emotional vulnerability as shown by her "hiring" someone to cuddle her up. In Ram's case, his struggle to maintain the status quo (he initially was supposed to work in a ship but, he got conned by his recruiter and ended up in the flesh trade).

In the end, the movie reminded me in a way of the Harlot's Progress- the movie and the painting and, I did not really regret wasting my time watching this. In a way, this movie spoke volumes to me: that the Philippine movie industry is moving forward, that there are still great actors, writers and stories out there and, not all plots these days are as predictable as they used to be when I was growing up.


What a strange movie you have picked up! 😂

it will become more interesting in the next few posts.....I am watching cartoons like there's no tomorrow!hahahahha

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