Life in Covid 19

I understand that you guys are curious what on earth is happening to me. Why am I not posting as often as before. The thing is, I am working in the health care industry and, life changed suddenly for me.

Learning resources on steroids

It is no surprise that anyone who is working in any industry are required to undergo professional learning experiences in order to keep up with the trends. But, suddenly, we are being pumped up to learn how to manage this. I spend around 10 hours each week on my self directed learning aside from the school work I am supposed to do.

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No one needed to motivate me. No one needed to tell me anything. I am simply interested to know about these things because who knows? The person I am speaking to might have it. That man who sat across me on the bus on my way to the city might have it. The lady who is very nice to me might secretly be a carrier. Who knows? On my next shift, we might even have people with COVID 19 already?

Toilet paper rush

Yes. We did the toilet paper rush too. Not necessarily because we were trying to hoard but simply, out of need. Honestly, I do not see the need to buy a lot of toilet papers at that time because, I could always find alternative ways to get cleaned.

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Don't judge me. It's how I was raised. If its not there, improvise. Get the next best thing in order to get by.

Public transport

I do not drive a car. I miss my bus rides to the city simply because I get to be alone, listening to my own tunes and simply, looking on the scenery- which I love while I travel.

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That got cut off when Covid 19 came. Its not that we do not have public transport. Its just that suddenly, I am scared of traveling with strangers in a confined space. In an instant, anyone who sneezes, coughs, clears their throat or who looks sick are suddenly a "suspect" to me. I want to save me the anxiety of worrying that 5-7 days from now, I might be a COVID 19 positive person too- so, I don't travel in public transport anymore.

Its not that bad. My work is just around the corner and, I walk everyday. On those times when that is not possible, I ask someone else to take me there.

Keeping up

Keeping up with family is easy these days. Everyone was asked to stay at home and, that made it easier for me to talk to mom, dad, sister and the rest of the clan.

Saying that, my family also got a glimpse on the reality of my work. They witnessed the preparations I needed to do before going to work, the precautions and how tired I get when I get back home. I am not complaining here. I signed up for this.

Staying at home

I cannot understand why people get to complain when they were asked to stay at home. They have food. They have wifi. They have their family and kids. Its just that probably like me, they are used to that.

If there is anything that life had taught me on this time, its to appreciate my life more.

A few months ago, I did not even know that doing this would help

save the world.

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