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My passion for books started when I was little. My dad would buy me books and often read them to me. At that time, I am still too young (around 2 or 3) to fully understand the written word. In fact, remembering those early days, I am more interested on what the book says in relation to the picture on the current page. I remember the smell of the pages and how my aunt and dad would always remind me to be careful not to damage/ tear the page.

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I grew a little older and I started being taught how to read and write. On those times, I could only remember that I was taught those skills because, they are important in my life. I learned how to write my name, I learned how to speak in our national language and English. But somehow, reading was shelved at the back burner. I was busy taking life in. I was busy playing with my friends, exploring things and simply, living.

But reading must have been "predestined" in my life that when we moved out of that place, I met a person who loves reading. Looking back on those days, I felt really stupid. Probably because I really never cultivated my "reading" skills that most of the time, my word pronounciation was really poor. I remember being laughed at. I even remember people telling me that I will never be as smart as them.

But I was determined to make a difference. I did start reading whatever books are available to me. On this stage, internet is still a foreign word to me. Most of my materials then came from the local library and, whatever I can borrow from my friends and classmates.

Looking back now, I feel so honored and lucky to have met them. The influenced me to read books. Not just love story or romance types but, variety of subjects like history, crime, thriller and, "aged appropriate" ones. I was still on my tweens and early teens then that, access to other types of genre which my parents consider not fit for me.

But somehow, my folks supported me on this passion. The allowed me to buy whatever book I wanted. I was and still am obsessed with archie comics, Michael Crinchton, Pablo Coelho, Rick Riordan to name a few of my favourite authors. In a way, my world expanded exponentially and here's why:

Seeing things in other people's perspectives

One of the reasons why I love first person books was that, I get to be that person while I read. I get to experience their emotions- passions, frustrations, anger...... I feel like I have access to their beings and, I ceased to be me for awhile.

Though there's a downside on this: experiencing "book hang over" or, when you get to obsess over a book for awhile after reading or waiting for the next series.

Learning Things

Just to take things into perspective: I do not have a hobby of reading textbooks for recreational activity. But I do get to read a lot of historical novel- which sparks my interests on some of the finer details- which in turn will make me "read" the real deal.And in the process, learn.

I get to have better language grasp

Yes. sad to say that most of the things that I read were in the English language. Why? Its just that when I started reading, most of my favourite books were written in it- either the author is a native or not.

So speaking English almost became natural to me. Which really helped me when I needed to have English language tests as a requirement for my jobs/ registrations.

Better coping skills

I think that one of the things that reading gave me was that, I get to have a better coping mechanism. When I am tired or stressed, I just read a book. It makes me forget my problems and delve deeper on the story.

In the end, though I would eventually go back to my world, the "break" gave me time to somehow relax and recuperate- which in turn would be translated into a better coping/problem solving skills.

I know. I know. Today, things are different. We have the internet. I even read my books in an electronic device now. But still, I would be telling the same thing: Read. Read. Read.

Whenever I am walking to or from work, I often day dream on the day when I have kids but the most recurring theme in them all is this: me teaching them how to read, seeing them enjoying and passing it on to their own kids. That I think is one of the legacies I wanted to pass through my family to generations to come. READING. Its free. Its for everyone.It never gets old.


I haven't yet read a single book on a mobile device. I still prefer the good old books. 🙃

I read on a kindle paper white now. its the second kindle I got. Its kind of fun. I do not really have room to buy book series so having electronic one is great and convenient!

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