Stopping the thinking, with no conflict

in #thinking3 years ago

For a long time, I was firmly opposed to attempts to stop the thinking process. I think it always causes mental conflict and hence only hurt at the end of the day.

Instead, I prefer to look at the thoughts when they come up with them, and after they fly away, they tempt them. I still do.

I still think that spiritual conflict is contradictory to spiritual practice.

But, recently, in the afternoon, when I spent leisurely in the mind and state of the tunnels, I was fortunate enough to come across a curve to stop the thinking process or at least a substantial part of the thinking process, without causing conflict and effortlessly (but some efforts are needed in the first trials the new procedure).

In fact, saying "stop thinking", I think I can stop one step ahead of the thought. The thoughts I'm talking about are gross gross, those that consume a great amount of spiritual energy. The trick is not to come into conflict with the mind (which, by default, strongly opposes the discontinuation of thinking) to conclude a "mutually beneficial mutually beneficial arrangement".

These great thoughts consume enormous spiritual energy, and it seems that, when asked specifically, the mind is ready to give them back and thus save energy. A practical way of persuading the mind to do so is to observe for some time the amount of energy needed for these heavy thoughts to work, fine headaches, headaches, fine anxiety. For some time, look at the mental energy meter to consume spiritual activity rather than look at spiritual activity, and you will win the consent of exhausted thought. In addition, you offer a compromise, you do not ask the mind to abandon the whole process of thinking, only part of it, hardcore thinking. Although sometimes it is stubborn and childish, it knows that it recognizes a good deal.

So now you ask: how to do it? well, after you have concluded an agreement with the mind, it is quite simple. Take one very strong typical idea that you know your spiritual world well, which usually causes painful emotions that you most often worry about compulsively. Take this strong idea from the perspective and lower the level of energy you are willing to offer to the thinking process (I call it "temporary, mentally lazy") and relax in one step before this familiar thought begins to appear.

This description may sound simplistic, but it works. It is not possible to fully explain it in words, you will have to try it again and again until you find a way to get into this "spiritual laziness" and until you can see it one step ahead. All I can say is that it's very easy, don't look for difficult maneuvers, just do it.

The mind will not protest or resist, at least not after several attempts to practice it, you will see. Stay there in this step forward, just there, and if you are forced with a strong idea to get out of it, it's okay, don't worry, you probably left the mental energy monitoring and then a strong thought broke. Relax for a while and try again.

Note that while you are stopping this step forward, low energy consumption is still taking place and that is good. Just look at them. Take special note of two different thoughts that continue:

"Active observer" (which says, "Stop heavy thinking now," "heavy thinking is now starting again," does it work? "," Mmm, I really do it "and so on.
very subtle, almost zero-energy, thoughts that are flying there.

And it works. And it's simple. And the feeling is calm and liberating. Such a sequential feeling always serves as an indication of the way I am in the right way.

Finally, four important warnings:

Make sure you are not using a halt to thinking as a hidden trick to avoid some painful emotions and feelings that are thought to be underlying thoughts. Stop the thinking process just for stopping and let it happen. That is all.
Be careful not to get into the intellectual complex analysis, for example, "I am watching and thinking about thinking that is not thinking ..." "Who is watching?", "Reality is not dual", "How can the mind teach the mind? "These can be important observations and analyzes (or sometimes intellectual dependencies), but for the sake of this practice they are definitely counterproductive. Leave them now and simply practice. If you look carefully, you will see that such an intellectual analysis is a high type of consumption. you will find them during active practice, which means that you did not stop one step forward;

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