This is how we continue to change the skylines Jimmy Carter built..

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As with many demolitions, the core and elevator shafts require additional demolition measures, and we will proceed with conventional demolition efforts over the course of the week utilizing a crane and wrecking ball," a spokesperson with Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition told KTVT.

Could not resist although I may get down voted.
The former POTUS used a financial vehicle americans were not afraid to buy, insurance policies, to finance construction and give american cities a skyline. Instead of trees now there were buildings.

And these dinosaurs which refuse to fall get branded the tower of Pisa, and when dynamite fails out come a crane and wrecking ball.
But these dinosaurs put american construction workers to work.

These policies were rigid and fixed, but america was never the same. Dallas got a skyline, Houston got a skyline, Austin got a skyline, San Antonio got a skyline..where there were only trees..and they were paid for by premium from our policies..paid for by you and me.