Milk Challenge Restarted...

in #thissuckslast year (edited)

In recent updates...

Some community members did not receive HIVE for taking actions that were perceived as hostile to Steem Community Witnesses.

Also on SteemIt some members who were considered to be hostile to SteemIt, were blocked from

All of their posts are still visible on and also

What will tomorrow's escalations of the battle bring?

Tune in...



He ... I tried to do my milking and you downvoted my shitposts :)

Yeah, sorry it seems I am outnumbered, feel free to resume with no comment from me.

Unfortunately, wars are not decided by chess game.
Or is this happening now?
Either way, we are pieces in this game

It's a f... mess.
We need to wait a couple of days, I guess.

I continue as usual and don't have any plans to change my trajectory.

Great post dear, I'll even give you some milk from minnowsupport

even I tried to find my page on steemit to see what's up today and nothing.. page not found :/

And I'm a nobody!


I actually think it is down

oh yah I'm back whew!

although I am mostly using SteemPeak.. just love their functionality.

I have to see how this story plays out..


For some reasons some of my comments are not appearing in steemit. Including this one. You may see it in steempeak. Enjoy the video. ☺

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