Walking down memory lane ❤️ Remember our blessings!

Happy tuesday my AMAZING Peeps!

I hope your day has been full with
joy and laughter,
and that your evening and night
will be even better 😊


So today I have been Kinda walking down memory lane, you know a day when you miss those in your life who's no
longer with us.


I actually use to take once a month
to look through pictures and light a
candle for the ones in my heart.
And today my grandparents
on my mother's side came
to mind.


I LOVE how much joy
and blessings they had in their lives,
and how much they gave to us.

Photographs taken at my grandparents place in Skillingaryd by my father.

They were amazing people who
always took time for you, and made
you feel special.

I know some people thinks it's
sad and depressing, but to me it's happy moments and alow myself to miss someone and to laugh at the great memories you had.
that's me.. 😊 Lol


Also people I love in my life,
Are my parents.. My True HEROES


And ofcourse my brother and Sister,
who has blessed me with 6 amazing
nephews total!


We are all very close and
HUGS alot 😁

But my mom is my BEST friend
and there is NOTHING
I can't tell her 😉
she knows my ❤️


Also she is
the STRONGEST woman
I know, and a fighter.

23 years ago she won against
breast cancer and was cancer free
untill about a year ago.

Then it showed that she had some rest cancer from that time, but as the cells wasn't active.. Noone had seen it.

Soo... Pill Treatment Again

But... Guess what!!!

She is WINNING...


The tests was beyond good and she don’t need to check in as often and hopefully can stop treatment soon.


My dad has been her biggest support
in life, and I always get inspired
by their LOVE and affection
for each other.

-"Our Love grows Stronger every Year"

They always say 🥰

Isn't that just inspiering?
I wish for that kind of Love
myself 😊



is one of the reasons
that I been away and been quiet as I know some of you noticed.
Also my Sister found out she might have cancer after a operation recently.
It just got to much for me and trying to be strong for them and keep up here...

Well Ya'll know...
We can't do it all right?

But we sure fool ourselves to
think that... 😜 I doo!


5 weeks from now I Will know
about my Sister
but till then...


For reading and caring,
it's because of People like
YOU guys..
That makes this place the
best HOME ❤️


Wherever you are in the 🌍

I wish you much joy and blessings!


And a Goodnight

from me and Bobby 🐕
😴 zzzleepy


Much Love to Ya'll 💋

No matter how crazy things
arearound us
DON’T forget to SMILE


Proud Member of the best family ❤️

Peace - Unity - Family - #thealliance Amazing leader @enginewitty

Proud member off #silvergoldstackers


by the Great @thekittygirl

Proud Member of SSG

And totally infected by Stackitis



Proud Sister of #ladiesofssg4eva ❤️



🌸Just happy about life and Thankful for all the blessings in it! 🌸


@saffisara :Passionate about reading YOUR posts and commenting. Loves to laugh and take pictures. AND I'm a Hug Lover! Remember Every day is a #haturday

🌼All pictures are my own and taken by me 🌻


Thank you @enginewitty 💖

Thank you @enginewitty for this badass banner❤️


@saffisara, you made me smile, laugh and become nostalgic all within a time frame of less than 5 minutes! Thank you for sharing and thank you for being who you are! Take care and know that your SGS community cares about you!🤗💕🌷

Awww... Thank you so much my sweet Sister 🤗❤️
Your words really touched me and I am glad you liked it... Was a little unsure on how much to share, but this way you know what is going on in my life 😊

You are amazing and I appriciate and love you very much 🥰

Have a wonderful week and Stay just as you are ❤️🌹💋

🤗😘💕🌷 If you need a shoulder, DM me on discord. I have good ears! Take care sister. Love you too!

I often find myself doing the same thing. I was actually just looking up pictures of my grandmother last night so that I could show my 4 year old daughter. I was trying to explain to her where she got her middle name from. Hitting 40 years old has really turned up the nostalgia and wishing for simpler times with people that are not here anymore.

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