#thoughtfuldailypost - Of Bravery, Judgement and Chaos


How the hell has 3 weeks slipped by since I dropped a Thoughts post on you and gotten preachy via the blockchain? I hang with @wesphilbin all week long but about once in a while I pause to create a blog to discuss positive stuff using #thoughtfuldailypost as a tag. Positivity is best when shared and we often have to be reminded to linger and think good thoughts. Now, we have an all-new vehicle in the form of @thoughtfulposts, to whom I have delegated and may do so again with my Dogecoin profits!

Here are a few sentiments from the reams of left and right internet perspective I strive to decipher into the middle.


Fear and Bravery

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When a good quote is signed as MHN and I don't remember where I saw it, I can't really source it and invite you to google it.

I used to view bravery someone being impervious to fear. Those warriors doing the things I would never do and achieving the things us mere mortals could never aspire to. Then, I snuck up on some things I thought would be scary, just for fun.

A good example is fighting. I have never wanted to be in a fight in my life. Then I started training martial arts. It started as a way to learn something cool, stay active, and pretend I was a fighter. I learned some stuff. Then, I decided it would be a great idea to serve as an example for new students by fighting in tournaments.

When I realized I was a tournament fighter, I realized that brave is not being afraid as much as it is being afraid and doing it anyway. Doing it when you are afraid is the basic definition of brave.

🍁Here is a blast from the past to celebrate those fighting the good fight while being afraid AND brave! 🍁


Judge Not


Carl Jung https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Jung is a legend and the founder of Analytical Psychology. So many great progressive minds used his knowledge as a springboard to greater things and we would not understand the human race nearly as well without this one man!

I like to say that the brain is an emergency organ in that it only really turns on when something is wrong. I also know change is a painful thing for people who have strived to simplify and automate things and the brain has to kick on when things change. Thinking is definitely difficult.

I have been tossing the meaning of this quote around in my mind for its true meaning as it is easy to judge someone for their actions, beliefs or situation. You are not necessarily judging the thinker or criticizing the doer, but making a judgement without fully thinking out the instance.

I also contend that thinking is not so hard when you are constantly and consciously doing it yourself. Be a thinker!

This is a loose connection to the judging conversation called Judge Jut and Executioner. Fans of Radio Head and Red Hot Chilli Peppers may enjoy this.


Comfort in Chaos


I couldn't tell you who Amy Lee is but I have just mined a website that doesn't even have an SSL certificate so that I can give her a shout out.

I kinda think of the universe and our lives as the results of chaos and improbable sequence of events. Control is an illusion or an imagined state about which we lie to ourselves. Maybe why that is that I sleep well every night my whole life and strive to roll with the punches. Being comfortable in the chaos is a skill I recommend everyone practicing. I am not yet great at it but hopefully will never stop improving.

Comfortably Numb is a good place to be sometimes and this is 9 minutes of live classic for your brain.



This movement is gaining momentum and now is being curated by @thoughtfulposts to whom I have delegated some #hive https://hive.blog/introduceyourself/@thoughtfulposts/thoughtfulposts-introduction-or-a-thoughtfuldailypost is where you can get the details and please consider delegating to help make positivity extra rewarding.

I invite you to pen your own #thoughtfuldailypost any day of the week and spill your wisdom on the world via the blockchain.



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Link your #thoughfuldailypost so I can help curate the tag!

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