Late night reflections 🙏🏼✨

in #thoughtslast year (edited)


The hands were made to clasp
the knees designed to bend
the body created to pray.

What else is there to say?

The mouth was shaped to gasp
the eyes drawn to attend
the soul commanded to obey.

What else is there to say?

The memory was wired to lapse
the heart fashioned to rend
the will inclined to betray

What else is there to say?

©Yahia Lababidi, author of Signposts to Elsewhere

Images: mine


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Thank you, for your encouragement (although, I must admit, I do not understand how your curation works).

Have a good weekend & Happy Holidays around the bend 🙏🏼

This was a late night snack for me, quite delectable in fact, and the nightcap was the glimpse into the hand written act of creation. That looks like some sturdy clasping hardware on your writing pad :)

@tipu curate

Thank you, dear Carl, for your kindness. Creativity is a mysterious process... In a strange sense, the notebook-by-my-bed made the poem possible —- like a butterfly net, it captured these elusive winged words that might’ve slipped away, otherwise. 🦋

@yahialababidi, These words are depth and in a way describing the Shape Of Life. Stay blessed.

Thank you, brother, for reading with an open heart <3

My latest book was published in India, by Hay House; perhaps, it might be of interest to you:

Congratulations and keep spreading your Art Of Words. Thank you for letting me know about this Book. Stay blessed.

Thank you, for your warm support, brother 🙏🏼

I wish you success in what matters to you ✨

Welcome and thank you so much for your kind wishes. Have a abundant time ahead.

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Much appreciated ✌🏼

Glad to be heard & thank you, for the good work you do!

Hello Hello!

I found something so interesting to read that now I have it engraved in my head!

Greetings from Venezuela

Hola, Saray

Thanks, for your enthusiastic response! One day I hope to visit Venezuela (my wife if Colombian :)

Tell me, what did you find so interesting about my little poem -- I see from your posts that you have a religious temperament, so I'm curious...

Hope Advent is a time of peaceful contemplation for you _/|\_

So true! We very often don't use all of them like this but it's good to read and remind yourself about that maybe we could do something differently.

Thank you for sharing! It was a pleasure to read!

Thank you, for your heart-felt words; I'm glad you enjoyed this :)

Not everything is within our control, but our attitude is, and certain ways of being bring more peace. _/|\_

Simplistic, but realistic ♥

Simple, not simplistic, Jerry ✌🏼

The hands were made to clasp
the knees designed to bend
the body created to pray.

My hands do much more than clasp, my knees do a lot more than bend, and my body doesn't pray, my mind and heart does.
So for me, your summary is simplistic.

I meant no offense my friend @yahialababidi Only love

Poetry is never the whole truth;
it is a truth, fully, inhabited.

Simplistic is a derogatory word.

Words matter; doubly so for writers...

I suppose, in the end, as Nietzsche says:

All of life is a dispute of taste and tasting.

Have a good weekend ✌🏼

what a gracious response to one reader's literal reaction to a poem - you go, Yahia! Love the Nietzche quote too. And the poem! Congratulations on your Curie. And sorry I've fallen so far behind with so many creators at Steemit!!

Thank you, for saying so (I was afraid I was unkind). And Happy Holidays, round the bend, my friend 🎄✨

You, unkind? Is that even possible? :)
Happy Holidays to you too, dear Yahia!

I'm human-all-too-human <3
Stay blessed, sweet Carol _/|\_

Hi yahialababidi,

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I’m grateful for your generous encouragement 🙏🏼

Thank you, for supporting my art and have a lovely weekend round the bend!

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