Vlog 446: Proof of Brain is not about content, it's about you finding out what you want to get out of Steem.

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In this long vlog (22min) I talk about my new approach to Steem.

I'm separating the investment from my own usage of the platform.

I never got into Steem because of the politics, I just wanted to have fun and I had a dream that maybe one day I could become financially independent trough it.

Proof of Brain is not about the best content.

It is about you finding a way to get out of Steem what you want to get out of it by using your brain.

If you want to be rewarded for your content...figure it out.

If you want to have just fun....figure it out.

If you want to invest and get a decent ROI...figure it out.

If you want to play games and earn while doing so...figure it out.

If you want to build a profitable application on Steem...figure it out.

You have to ask yourself what you want out of Steem and then just do it using your brain.

There is no third person here, It's just you and the blockchain and everyone else.

The only things that change from time to time are the dynamics and rules of the blockchain through a Hard Fork.

When a Hard Fork happens adjust accordingly.

What do I want out of Steem currently?

  1. I want to have fun making content and play Splinterlands

  2. I want my investment to generate a decent Roi.

  3. I want Steem to grow.

  1. I can't have fun making content if I have to worry about politics and being scrutinized. So I eliminated everything that can possibly have an influence on that. Everything I post now can be judged by #newsteem accordingly and I don't have to worry about it. It's all about fun and about what I want to write about. It gives me peace of mind. Splinterlands doesn't have politics btw so I can just play and have fun whenever I want.

  2. I enjoy investment stability and I get that with Dlease. Therefore part of my stake is delegated to other Steemians wanting a lease for a decent ROI. I don't have to worry about the EIP or anything else interfering with that return. It comes in automatically.

  3. I want Steem to grow and one way I can do that is by manually curating content.

Ultimately, I don't know what other people want to get out of Steem. I leave it up to you to figure it out and then I would suggest you go for it!

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About fair rewards and in general paymnets .... I read somewhere something that goes like this

You are not giving me the money for the 2 hours work I put in, but for the years that I have put in so I cand do this in two hours.

So basicly someone like you, or Beyonce :) getting a nice reward for a photo, is not a result of that photo but from the years of previous effort. You shoudnt throw away that effort and if you want to post short content just do it.

I don't feel like any of the posts that you used to do were really that political, but I can appreciate the fact that you are much happier now with what you are posting. I plan on keeping on doing what I have been doing for the past two years. If people consider it crap then it is their loss. I know I am bringing some small bit of joy to the handful of regular followers I have.

O that's not what I meant. I never post much political content. It's more about self voting and having a circle that can be judged under #newsteem, so I got rid of it even though I don't think it's as bad as it some say it is. I just want to have fun :)

Ah, okay. I understand now. I am sorry I was confused. That makes more sense to me. I have made some minor adjustments to how I vote and what I do with my stake now. I have also started branching out into some more of the tribes and keeping that content specifically in those areas.

Well, thank you for expanding the definition of proof the brain. I always thought it means that an article or a post is a proof of brain while it means a whole lot more than that. Everything that we do is proof of brain including posting photo, upvoting, commenting, building application, playing a game, drawing a picture or doing exercise. This makes more sense.

The long article vs short article is a very interesting subject. I have an impression that long article is preferred on steem. For example, a tribe or a dapp state that if we want to post an article to them, it has to be minimum 250 words or something like that. Less than that is consider not meeting the quality. Recently I tried to write longer article with more details and photos hoping to get higher reward.

I also see short articles or photos (not Beyonce wearing steem T-shirt) have higher payment than a long article with elaborate explanation and great photos. Well, It's not something that can be predicted. Long article and short article both have chance to earn reward. LIke you said, let the new steem does what it does until it crytalize into something definitive, CMIIW. And steem is not just long post or short post, it is everything proof of brain.

Steem is the ultimate marshmallow experiment.

People who are able to hodl & buidl for longer will tend to have better life outcomes

“Most people in life go for the fast nickel. You’ve got to go for the slow dime.”

Fast Money gets the positive attention in the beginning, but being patient and right drives the biggest outcomes and 💰

Steem is the best “slow dime” opportunity I have seen in a very long time.

Steemit business is a 24/7 Friendly community competition.

Whales have obligations to delegate to minnows to optimize their reward pools.

They should be thoughtful about assembling the right team of advisors for the task.

I’ve been through every Alternative Investment wave over 20 yrs & outcomes have always been inferior to expectations in regards to combo of return enhancement & diversification benefits from low correlation.

Until Now.

$steem has different value drivers than traditional assets

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Yes, I have designed new and innovative uses for the Steem Engine DEX, @ADDAX being just one of them - there are others, just look at the links within any post.

Making money from Steem without SP is also now possible. As you say, so-called proof of brain is about proof of thinking - and posting is just one of those avenues.

you needs a balanced eco system for steem to work. Which means some good poster some average poster and some poor posters. If all the posts were super quality but nobody read them because they were all posting these super quality posts then the system would fail. As it would fail if all the post were rubbish because then nobody would read those either. Like with everything in life .. Balance is the key

People should just continue to do their passion in life and then they can share them here at #steem #newsteem. That is the secret in order to enjoy the community. @exyle

Seems some people that have pipe dreams have made steem their passion in life and can't understand why that is boring and has zero potential to be exported..

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Well said! All the best, man.

It's all about fun and about what I want to write about. It gives me peace of mind

nice, keep doing what you like to do, I enjoy watching / reading it. :)

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time to find our new creative ways to explore the best of content on steemit

I am pleased to take in your perspective Mark. Thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoy your Splinterlands battles, fist pumps for 🐃 ROI's! And, happy curating 🍻

Haha, is that a BULL ROI :). Thanks for stopping by!

Yes!!! Bring on the 🐃🐂🐃🐂🐃 bulls in the token market!! (But, first I want to stack more at these lows) Haha, Thanks so much @exyle 😃 Steem on!

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But always remember to watch out for the fun police!! :0D

Someone rang me 😂???

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Do we have fun police now? I thought there was only good content police :)

Lol, it might be a fine line!! 🤪

The comedy coppers - an unforgiving bunch!

Hehe, the Derp State! No sense of humour!

I think my line manager is one of them! 😩

I think that is all line managers!!

You make great videos.I they are very informative.

I know you blocked me long ago but I found this funny.

There is no third person here, It's just you and the blockchain and everyone else.

Fun for me is a post telling everyone that the key here is to figure it out yourself.. So WTF do you have to fill 22 minutes of time with? This could be like a 10 word post..You could have stopped at the title, now that would have been fun..

That is true @exyle, if we can find our way through what we want to get, we will never complain of steem being low. Thanks for this video.

I am still blocked in this comment section? tzz unfollow

Thanks alot for stopping by I really appreciate it 👍🏾 I might not comment but I do watch all your videos keep up the good work 👍🏾

No problem! and Thanks.

Thanks again much appreciated 👍🏾

@exyle, I came here Destined way and became Full Time Steemian. I am open to all opportunities and every day start from Zero Mindset (No Burden) and flow with that essence for whole day. Steem is my second home.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed brother.

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When there's no central consensus on what is "good" content we just have to post what we like or think is good. If others are like-minded then we'll have an receptive audience for our works (and even generate a little profit). Unfortunately the politics and petty personal crap will be there. It's the nature of the beast with this community. That's why I hate the downvote brouhaha. Just be grownups - it's Steem for crying out loud. The world at large could care less about us.

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Proof of Brain is not about the best content.
It is about you finding a way to get out of Steem what you want to get out of it by using your brain.
If you want to be rewarded for your content...figure it out.

I have noticed that. How do you figure it out if you do one specific thing. Either i spend time on making videos that take a week to make or i get involved in steem some other way.
I am good at one of those things and the other i dont know where to start.

I'm coming back to Steem, because I have always felt the global Steem community in general is more positive than "other" platforms. Being a small business man I have to frequently deal with a lot of stress issues so for me being able to upload positive happy content is an enjoyment a fun thing in my life. I still have my project(s) for business people to use Steem in general, but for now I'm glad for videos like you posted here in encourages me to not worry about the politics. Aloha from Hawaii Rich

Love your vlogs and videos man keep up the good work and please keep making these for people to watch

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