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RE: Future of 3Speak's Upvoting Habits!

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If we are to have freedom of speech... shouldn't the service be free? As in free beer? What of those who can't pay? Not trying to look down on the platform, I think it's a great service but there should be some options for those who can't afford the entry fee if we are going to talk of freedom of speech. Otherwise it becomes the same as always, the rich decide the content and the poor consume it.


The problem with that is just that video is so expensive. DTube solves the cost issue by not keeping your videos on for a long time. So on DTube if you want to keep your videos online you have to host them yourself with an IPFS node.

3Speak hosts your videos, but it costs them money every day you are putting videos on. Equality is important, but you can't ask others to pay your bills for you. If a content producer doesn't bring in more money than they cost 3Speak is not able to survive as a business.

Yeah I'm fine with the fee, just that it shouldn't be required to enter the platform. You should be able to use for a month and then start paying, hopefully with your earnings from the month. But to start paying before you've even used it or know what you can actually do with it... I don't think anyone with little resources could take that risk. It's more about social inclusion than asking for free service.

Nothing wrong with risks. The world has never been only about returns. Plus it is a new platform, in time they may deliver this that you desire. On steem many things aren’t entirely risk. Even in terms of rewards, that can happen long term or as a result of a connection. Rewards take a variety of forms and so does investment.

You know, you're right. Also I thought about it for a while and any quality creator will probably find the means to pay up. The fact remains entrie fees or initial investments will always be a source of social inequity. I mean if we are only talking money and returns of course you need to risk something. If you are talking freedom of speech, that's a different matter and I believe it should be free for everyone.

Maybe the platform could allow very short videos to those new or at least the introduction video for free to see if you can get someone to support you entering the platform.

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