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RE: Future of 3Speak's Upvoting Habits!

in #threespeak2 years ago

Creators should also be incentivized to promote 3Speak (by telling their fans about 3Speak and upload here first). Even if they are censored on YT, they often have channels left to speak to their fans but often still have a YT channel with only some videos censored (and nearly all demonetized).

I saw some creators on dtube who used it as a backup but never talked about it or posted a link under their videos.

For example Dave Cullen ( did that with Bichute and got a lot of fans over there. Sometimes he just makes exclusive videos for them and announce them on YT. The comment section is always filled.


That's true. This is our initiative to take community's help in onboarding such creators who can further talk about 3Speak and bring outside viewership.

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