A Walk In The Woods - The State of Steem, Episode № 1 – with Lovejoy

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Join me as I amble about the woods of Southern Minnesota while pondering on the state of Steem, Steemit, and the future of social media.

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“We gaze at mountain scenery; we watch the waves breaking on the shore; we walk through a beech wood in October. And we are filled with a sense of beauty. We return home feeling refreshed, like a thirsty man who has drunk a glass of water.”

Your camera man was very efficient and well look at he scenario where you shot the video very green and beautiful really reminds me of the setting of Hobbit really. In my opinion you're right about something; the development on steem is Maddening and that's the better reason why we need to place faith on steem.

Welcome in this platform. Hop you take some special from this account.
Keep going on
Happy journey

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Nice post mate and keep up the good work