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RE: Future of 3Speak's Upvoting Habits!

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I have noticed many times a lot of good quality video but the view is very low and very poor quality video but very much because they have more followers.And because they have more followers, they have more comments on their posts.In that case, how will your activities be?


If somebody is getting views and comments then their content has an audience irrespective of the quality which is quite subjective. There are content creators who create amazing videos just from their smartphones and a lot successful. In the long run, followers will continue to view the videos if they are interesting. We want to change our voting habits to support creators who can attract more views and watch time on their channels.

Okay,, But I think it would be a little difficult to get a view for the new comers.Then How can they get support in that case?

we have saved some VP each day for newcommers and people we see as potential growers. We will monotor this process closely, as we do not want to detract from discovering new potential. however using our old process we are also not incentivizing larger creators to share their threespeak content and onboard their communities here. so we have to find the right balance, this is our first step towards that

Quality is subjective, yes, but that's exactly why curators (supposedly) have a brain - to make that subjective decision! Only upvoting already-popular content is exactly the behaviour HF21 (and Steem in general) is trying to avoid. Bots can do that. Bots WERE doing that. It's why #NewSteem happened, to fix this problem you're purposely exacerbating.

Hello @drutter, We will not stop supporting talented and creative folks on their initial days. We allocate separate VP which will continue to reward creators doing amazing job with the videos across multiple categories. Please understand that this is just an experiment to bring a little change in our strategy that could possibly attract outside viewership on 3Speak. We want to attract creators and investors both so that creators do not have to rely on limited VP of threespeak.