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RE: Future of 3Speak's Upvoting Habits!

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The world is in a hurry and blockchain much more.
People have never before created and consumed so much content and in this accelerated way. Being present in steemit and building community consuming time: Hours creating content almost daily if you are interested in collecting rewards for blogging, consume daily content from your friends and news steemit, vote and socialize. If you manage projects then reduce sleeping hours because this involves another series of activities. I think people get tired after a while and that is one of the reasons why posts are deserted by comments even other posts are voted on automatically without being seen.

I think that this model should evolve to a more functional system, while this happens, apps can go one step further.

The creators of video content by vocation could take their time to make quality and attractive content, so consumers can really enjoy watching something fun, listen to an interesting opinion, listen to a great song, poetry, watch a fabulous recipe, and a long etc. and both author and consumer are well rewarded for doing this.

In the case of videos, if someone watches the entire video, this should generate a reward for both: author and consumer. Each time the video is viewed within an period of time that should not to be 7 days, maybe a month or more both parties will accumulate points. These points could then be redeemed through a booster in a comment, or in a post.

Under this system, comments from both parties could also be rewarded with redeemable points.

Then we would have less volume of videos but better quality and lots of real views and comments. Authors and consumers happy.

SP will be consumed without a doubt with this point system.

just my thoughts, because I am not a developer or anything like that.

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